Languages, Arts and Social Sciences

The Languages, Arts and Social Sciences division prepares students for a solid liberal arts foundation necessary for success in any field of study, career or transfer. The diversity of programs offers students an enriched knowledge of humanities while teaching students how to think and communicate.


Contact & Office Information


Name Telephone Email
Jay Steere
Shonette Grant
Associate Dean

Dr. Nakul Kumar
Department Chair for ECO, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY, PHI, HUM, SOC, and REL


Dr. Lama Hamdan
Department Chair for ENG, EDE, and ESL


Angela Terry
Department Chair for ART (Graphic Design, 3D, 2D), PHT, Cinema


Dr. Martha Davis
Department Chair for World Languages, ART History, and CST


Dr. Jonathan Kolm
Department Chair for MUS



Name Telephone Email
Azza Ahmed
Office and Admin. Specialist
May(Seok Young) Kim
Office and Admin. Specialist

Sepehr Sasha
Office and Admin. Specialist

Communications Studies, Cinema, and Theatre

Name Phone Email
Meredith Aquila 703.933.8089
Araceli Bachner 703.845-6172
Lucy Gebre-Egziabher 703.845.6297
Jeremy Hodgson 703.575.4750
Lucy Holsonbake 703.845.6096
Steven L. Baker (adjunct)
Nader Chaaban (adjunct)
Chelsie Gaspar (adjunct)
David Hall (adjunct)
Dr. Kehbuma Langmia (adjunct)
Ayanna Demetris Lenard (adjunct)
Rita Nassuna (adjunct)
Kevin Sampson (adjunct)
Maillim (May) Santiago

Fine Arts

Jessica Gardner 703.845.6273
Stacy Slaten 703.845.6075
Britt Conley (Instructional Assistant) 703.845.6095
Elizabeth Hill (adjunct)
Pete Van Riper (adjunct)

Graphic Design (Print, Interactive, Web and Multimedia)

Name Phone Email
Gregory Eckler 703.845.6163
Nick Spencer 703.845.6164
Angela Terry 703.845.6094
Leilani Nieves (Instructional Assistant) 703.646.0254
Deane Nettles (adjunct)
Amelia von Wolfferdorff (adjunct) 


Name Phone Email
Dr. Lisa Eckstein 703.845.6252
Dr. Jonathan Kolm 703.845.6026
Jacob Garbus (instructional assistant) 
Michael Barranco (adjunct)
Wade Beach (adjunct)
Daniel Brown (adjunct)
Cara Cammaroto (adjunct)
Thomas Colohan (adjunct)
Michael Creadon (adjunct)
Richard Demy (adjunct)
David Doescher (adjunct) 
Melissa Dvorak (adjunct)
Shannon R. Gunn (adjunct) 
Matt Halligan (adjunct) 
Christopher E. Johnston (adjunct) 
Brian Jones (adjunct)
Mary-Hannah Klontz (adjunct)
Ja-Hye Koo (adjunct)
Jolie Lin (adjunct)
Jason Lovelace (adjunct)
Joanna Owen (adjunct)
Cristian Perez (adjunct) 

Photography and Media

Name Phone Email
Linda (Page) Carr 703.845.6170
Aya Takashima 703.845.6074
Thomas Paradis (adjunct)
Amanda J. Sauer (adjunct) 
Vanessa Vick (adjunct)

EDE, ENG, ESL and World Languages


Name Phone Email
Dr. Michael Amey 703.845.6288
Dr. Jill Biden    
Emily Chiles 703.933.3984
Susan Monroe
Alexander Purugganan 703.845.6235
Dr. Jarrod Waetjen 703.845.6568
Dr. Jennifer Ward 703.845.6501
Kenyatta Albeny (adjunct) 
David Branson (adjunct)
Karen Brown (adjunct)
Hailey Carone (adjunct) 
Kelly Chandler (adjunct)
Kathleen Clark (adjunct)
Michelle Conklin (adjunct) 
Thomas Gaffney (adjunct)
Robert Harris (adjunct)
William Hess (adjunct)
Joshua Hite (adjunct) 
Linda Holiday (adjunct)
Jocelyn Holm (adjunct) 
Mary Holmes (adjunct)
Arben Kola (adjunct) 
Jordan Leonhardt (adjunct) 
Adria Mayo (adjunct)
Michael Rosenfeld (adjunct)
Susan Tucker (adjunct)
Bradley Waltman (adjunct)
Adrianne Wojcik (adjunct) 
Sarah Young (adjunct) 

English as a Second Language

Name Phone Email
Scott Buswell 703.845.6574
Dr. Elisabeth Chan 703.845.6562

Janice Hornyak

John Kinney 703.845.6013
Dr. Agnes Malicka 703.845.6353
Peter Ruffner 703.845.6565
James Toepper 703.845.6385
Ruth Takushi 703.845.6570
Mike Waguespack 703.845.6571
Gloria Ward 703.933.3980
Claire Cirolia (adjunct)
Phillipa Kirby (adjunct)
Robert Lubas (adjunct)
Rabia Pervez (adjunct)

World Languages

Name Phone Email
Dr. Martha Davis 703.845.6586
Dr. Lama Hamdan 703.933.8372
Dr. Dali Tan 703.933.5078
Amanda Trostle 703.933.3985
Simon Contreras (adjunct)
Danielle Coulson (adjunct)
Genevieve Delfosse (adjunct)
William Holley (adjunct)
Susan O'Brian (adjunct)
Liangyan Wang (adjunct)

Art History

Name Phone Email
Sarah Liberatore 703.845.6160
Scarlet Decker (adjunct)
Robert French (adjunct)
Dr. Tiffany Hunt (adjunct)
Hannah Judson (adjunct)
Marit Knollmueller (adjunct)
Linda Powell (adjunct) 
Dr. Kimberly Schrimsher (adjunct)

Childhood Development/Early Childhood Education/Education

Name Phone Email
Michelle Capozzoli 703.845.6057
Virginia Holloway 703.575.4748 
Dr. Christine Schull 703.845.6224
Sherry Chevalley (adjunct)
Ana Hoover (adjunct)
Nancy Hoyler (adjunct)
Shelley Keith (adjunct)
Trista Mason (adjunct)
Kristal Menchaca (adjunct)
Kristine Ruscello (adjunct)
Yvonne Spencer (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Dr. Nakul Kumar 703.933.3970
Dr. John Min 703.933.1846
Dr. Naveen Sarna 703.845.6572
Sameera Ahmed (adjunct)
Jay Berman (adjunct)
Kaya Ford (adjunct)
Nicolas Pologeorgis (adjunct)
Dr. Brian Sloboda (adjunct) 


Name Phone Email
Dr. Melinda Alexander 703.933.5087


Name Phone Email
Dr. Sue Jean Cho 703.933.3951
Dr. Lynette Garrett 703.933.8328
Brian Vagts 703.845.6567
Dr. Jeff Bagwell (adjunct)
Christine Contrada (adjunct)
Mark Eskridge (adjunct) 
Glenn Fatzinger (adjunct)
Aneta Lauro (adjunct)
Daniel Meshel (adjunct)
Dawud Omar (adjunct) 
Christopher Outlaw (adjunct)
Matthew Pearcy (adjunct)
Dr. Jeffrey Weir (adjunct)

Human Services (Substance Abuse Counseling)

Name Phone Email
Chandell Miller 703.575.4710
Dayna Smilty-Slade (adjunct) 

Political Science

Name Phone Email
Dr. Daniel Kirsch 703.845.6579
Sarah Cioffi (adjunct)
Dr. Albert Kim (adjunct) 
Marius Ratolojanahary (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier 703.933.3969
Dominique Hubbard 703.933.6575
Edward Andrews (adjunct)
Dr. Charles Barrett (adjunct)
Dr. Adrian Bruce (adjunct)
Gerivonni Darden (adjunct)
Dr. Andrea Hogarth (adjunct)
Marcella Marcey (adjunct)
Dr. Lauren Simmons (adjunct)
Dr. Jennifer Shultz (adjunct)
Christine Yeannakis (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Dr. Nicole Hindert 703.845.6577
Dr. Connie Elsberg (adjunct)
Charles Levy (adjunct)


Name Telephone Email
Hemchand Gossai
Interim Academic Dean, Lead Faculty for ART, CST
Linda Delp-Miller
Judith Gomez
Division Accounts & Compliance
Jean Clark
Faculty Lead for ENG and EDE
Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean for ASL,  EDU, ESL, and World Languages, Lead Faculty for MUS
Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead for ECO, GEO, HIS, HUM, PLS, PHI, PSY, REL, and SOC

American Sign Language and Interpreter Education

Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Paula Reece
ASL/INT Program Head
Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
Fatima Aziz
Daniel Frame
Steven Kulsar (adjunct)
Kim Nichols (adjunct)
Abbas Behmanesh (adjunct)
Roxanne Dummett (adjunct)
Julia Gutreuter
Thuan Nguyen-Lakrik (adjunct)
Cheri Martinez (adjunct)


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
Sana Hilmi 703.323.2133

Art History

Hemchand Gossai
Faculty Lead
Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
John Aakesson 703.323.3193
Bradley Birkhimer 703.323.3193
Adam Bradley 703.323.3193
Ivan Castaneda 703.764.7396
Linda Colet 703.323.3193 
Susan Cumbey 703.323.3193
Robert Devers 703.323.3193 
Michael Dowley 703.323.3193
Cynthia Fischer 703.323.3193 
Robert French 703.323.3193
Jay Matthew Hendrick 703.323.3193 
Josef Lustig 703.323.3193
Paula Martino 703.323.3193 
Jeanette Nicewinter 703.323.3193 
Virginia Pates 703.323.3496 
Edward Purcell 703.323.3193
Jennifer Ramirez 703.323.3193
Kimberly Southern 703.323.3193
Dafna Steinberg 703.323.3193
Stephanie Thornton-Grant 703.503.6312
Dragana Vasiljevic 703.323.3193
Carmen McCann 703.323.3193

Communications Studies & Theater

Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
Paul Awad 703.323.3193 
Troy Bogino 703.323.3193
Susan Cappellari 703.323.3193
Sarah Crist 703.323.3193
Ken Darensbourg 703.425.5638
Dennis Dulmage 703.323.3193
Amy Fisher 703.323.3193 
Michelle Happer 703.323.3193
Jenny Hodges 703.323.3193
Kerenza Jerbi
Gulgun Karamete 703.323.3193 
Liliya Karimova 703.323.3193 
Peter Kent 703.323.3193
Daniel Lanham 703.323.3193
Thomas Morra 703.323.3193
Carol Quade 703.323.3193 
Emily Salazar 703.323.3193
Lance Schmeidler 703.323.3193
Anjuli Singh 703.323.3193 
Amy Futch Swisher 703.323.3193 
Philip Tirpak 703.323.3479 
Megan Tucker 703.323.3193
Rebecca Walter 703.323.4140 
Kristen Willett 703.323.3193 


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 s 
Dennis Bradshaw 703.323.3246
Michael Heslop 703.323.3254
Manthrigae Jayatilake
Clinton McCully 703.323.3246
Kiet Quach 703.323.3468
Casey Ross 703.323.3246
Jose Rodriguez Solis 703.323.3237
Rashida Rowther 703.323.3239
Nilka Varela 703.323.3246


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Capozzoli
Ashley Mason Wilkins 703.530.3530 


Jean Clark
Faculty Lead for ENG and EDE
Nancy Minogue
Administrative Assistant
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
Joshua Barton (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Benjamin Bever (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Kalen Breland (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Liona Burnham (adjunct) 703.323.3193
Megan Bushar (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Frank Carbo (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Adam Chiles 703.323.3204 
Jean Clark 703.323.3080
Christopher Clements (adjunct) 
Patricia Deavers (Emerita) 703.232.2138
Sandra Delevante (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Maria Fidler (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Patrice Fleck 703.323.3775
Amy Flessert 703.425.5935
Catherine Gaiser 703.323.2138
Randa Gray 703.323.3848
Chris Gros (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Rima Gulshan 703.323.3158
Sarah Hansen (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Elizabeth Harlan 703.323.3299
Yuemin He 703.323.2141
Sarah Hickling (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Sarah Jacobson 703.323.3166
Christofer Johnson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Kenneth Kirk (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Trish Kurban 703.764.5029
Jennica Kwak (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Karen Kusterer 703.323.3171
Leslie Lass (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Antares Leask (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Lisa Leibow (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Steven Lessner 703.323.2152
John C. Mahan 
Nancy Michael (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Duha Mohiuddin (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Gary Morris (adjunct) 
Jill Mowbray 703.323.2138
Jennifer Nardacci 703.323.4325 
Duane Nystrom (adjunct) 
Katherine Nutt (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Kate O'Leary (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Raymond Orkwis 703.323.2101
Chvonne Parker 703.323.2138
Bryan Peters 703.425.5192
Justin Pilla (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Matthew Piotrowski (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Katie Pope (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Jessica Rapisarda (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
LeAnn Regan (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Cynthia Saenz-Weinand (adjunct) 703.323.2138 
Arthur Schuhart
William Schutz 703.323.3825
Sophia Sexton 703.323.3193
Stefanie Shipe 703.323.3103
Cynthia Smith (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Cheri Spiegel 703.323.4212
Javonna Thompson (adjunct) 
L. Wessely-Baldwin
Barbara Wilan (Emerita) 703.323.2138
Richard Wilan (Emeritus) (adjunct) 703.323.2138

English as a Second Language

Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
Cheri Bridgeforth 703.323.2147
Nataliya Schetchikova
Pamela Creed (adjunct) 703.323.3291
Yu Hui (Grace) Hwang 703.323.4213
Carol Ischinger 703.323.2130
Nasim Khawaja 703.323.3702 
Stefan Lewis 703.323.3355
Linda Millington Emerita 703.323.3291
Karen Murph 703.323.3105 
Nic Nicastri Emeritus 703.323.3291
Marjorie Wilma Parker
Ramon Perez 703.323.3443
Hayib Sosseh Emeritus 703.323.3291
Carole Thurston 703.323.3442
Karen Van Horn 703.323.2148


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri 
Administrative Assistant
Gina Masterson (adjunct) 703.323.3291  
Caren Trowbridge (adjunct)
Nicole Bojko


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Bruce Fye 703.323.3246
Robert Milligan
Tabatha M. Zarkauskas


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri 
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Wandrey Aykens (Adjunct) 703.323.3291 
Susan Norland (Adjunct) 703.323.3291 
Melanie Nunes
Francisca Wentworth


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Peter Beeman 703.323.3260/46
Nicholas Bomba 703.323.3372
Frank Cerutti 703.323.3260/46
Noah Cincinnati 703.323.3238 
Nathaniel Green 703.323.3244 
Douglas Kastens 703.323.3246 
Nathan Howell Moore 703.323.3246 
Margaret Reed 703.323.3260/46
Ruma Salhi 703.764.5050
John Schmitz 703.323.3821
Albert Thompson Jr. 703.323.3260/46
Jennifer Winters 703.323.5932


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Ivan Castaneda 703.764.7396
Lisa Kenna 703.323.3246
Laurie Wessely-Baldwin 703.323.3246


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri 
Administrative Assistant
Moyo Johnson (adjunct) 703.323.3291
Michiko Saito Kobayashi (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27206
Rika Seya (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27194
Satoko Katagiri (adjunct)
Kazue Otero


Antonini (Tonia) Rodgers
Faculty Lead
Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
Glenn Dewey 703.323.3107
Julie Hahn 703.323.3107
Matthew Halligan 703.323.3107 Matthew Halligan
Jim Fay (Emeritus)
Suhn-hee Kim 703.323.3107
Margaret McNulty 703.323.3107
Dimitar Naumoff 703.323.3107
Eun-Ah Roh 703.323.3107
Taimoor Saeedi 703.323.3107
Herb Smith (Emeritus)
John Clifford Wright 703.323.3107


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Deborah Holt
Steven Stakland 703.323.3356 

Political Science

Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Gabriel Hudson 703.323.3260/46
Brian Jones 703.323.33260/46
Mark Royce 703.323.3260/46
Jennifer Sayasithsena 703.323.3216


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Shana Lee Bui 703.323.3246
Deanna DeGidio 703.323.3262
Dennis Humphrey 
Marsha Harris
Collette Julian
Karen Livesey 703.323.3260/46 
Jason McBeth 703.323.3260/46
Hugh McIntosh 703.323.3260/46
Kavita Mirchandani 703.323.3246 
Joan Passino 703.323.3271
Eric Shiraev 703.323.2155 
Diane Tuininga 703.323.3260/46 


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Sayed Hassan Hussaini 
Ann Stegner 703.323.3261


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
Tetyana Kovalchuk (adjunct)
Dr. Evgeny Pareshnev (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27214
Natalia Dzantieva (adjunct)


Sayasithsena, Jennifer D.
Faculty Lead
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
Chanda Cook 703.323.3246
John Ehle, Jr. 703.323.3246 
Ann Johnson 703.323.3246
Carol Mason 703.323.3246
Zahra Seif-Amirhosseini Rafie 703.323.4068 
Erica Smith 703.323.3570 
William Stewart 703.323.3246


Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean
Nasrin Naziri 
Administrative Assistant
Dr. Gustavo Glatzel (adjunct)
Delia Muñoz (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27357
Dr. Marian Quintana (adjunct) 703.232.3291 
Dr. Julia Ruiz-Ross (adjunct) 703.323.3291 
Ricardo Huaman (adjunct)

Division Office

LASS Division
Dr. Jennifer Rainey
Academic Dean
Lisa Stelle
Associate Dean for ENF, ENG, ESL, ARA, FRE, SPA
Dr. Saleha Bholat
Associate Dean for ART, CHD, CST, EDU, IDS, MUS
Dr. Tiffany Blackmon
Associate Dean for ECO, GEO, GIS, HIS, HUM, PHI, PLS, PSY, REL, SOC, SSC
Nancy Ferguson
Administrative Specialist
Elsy Pineda de Giron
Administrative Specialist
Kellie Marshall
Office Manager


Art (Fine Art) Anna Freerksen LW 315
Art (Studio Art) Adam Bradley LW 315
Art History Lucy Weber LW 313
Communication Studies & Theatre Monifa Hamilton HEC 218-B
Communication Studies & Theatre Dr. Carolyn Hurley HEC 316-C
Communication Studies & Theatre Susan Idziak Reston 324
Early Childhood Development Susan Johnson SH 150-3
Economics Dr. Gbago Creppy LW 228
Economics Michael Polcen  LC 224
English Holly Abbe LR 278
English Bradford Bucknum LR 279
English Stephen Clarke LC 232
English Jeremy Cook LC 338
English Dr. Karen Doheney LR 277
English Susanna Ferrara LR 277
English Chelsea Frost LR 278
English Heather Jeddy LC 234
English Nathan Leslie LC 314
English Bridget Pool LC 324
English Meredith Reynolds LR 277
English Dr. Robyn Russo LC 316
English Dianne Stanbach LR 276
English Matthew Zellmer LR 279
English as a Second Language Justin Hvitfeldt-Matthews LR 280
English as a Second Language Kristen Paphitis LR 281
English as a Second Language Christopher Soholt LR 280
English as a Second Language Yu Bai SH 131
Geography Dr. Barbara Crain LC 326
Graphic Design Jacqueline Gage LW 315
Graphic Design Melvin Parada LW 315
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Dr. Nicholas Walker HEC 218-G
History Dr. Douglas Campbell LC 320 
History Stephanie Campbell LR 276
History Dr. Alton Carroll HEC 316-G
History Dr. Marc Dluger LR 267
History John Kincheloe LC 328
History Dr. David Porter LC 228
Interior Design Abigail Lenon LW 313
Interior Design Kristine Winner LW 313
Music David Kellogg LR 268
Music Dr. John Wulff LC 305
Music Recording Technology Dr. Todd Kitchen HEC 110D
Philosophy Dr. Mark Brennan HEC 204-A
Political Science Dr. John (Jack) Lechelt LR 280
Psychology Dr. Ramezan Dowlati HEC 218-C
Psychology Dr. Natasha Fourquet LR 278
Psychology Dr. Georgeana Stratton LC 232
Sociology Dr. Nelson Kofie LC 222







Dr. Jay Gillispie Academic Dean MC 234 703.257.6687
Ana Alonso Associate Dean for CST, EDE, ENG, ESL, FRE, SOC and SPA MC 234 703.530.8294
Dr. Donna Minnich Associate Dean for ART, CHD, ECO, EDU, GEO, HIS, HUM, MUS, PHI, PLS, REL,& PSY MC 234A 703.257.6616
Loretta Gray Administrative Assistant  MC 234 703.257.6685
Janis McCoy-Finch Administrative Assistant  MC 234 703.257.6685

Faculty & Staff






Arra, Dr. Christopher  PSY MH 411-06 703-530-8273
Brake, Matthew PHI MH 411-21 703-257-6596
Callahan, Kathleen  ENG MC 231-06 703-257-6656
Casal, Dr. Laura  ENG MC 231-09 703-257-6692
Ciarniello, Philip  ENG MC 231-11 703-530-8291
Gallick, Rosemary  ART MH 411-14 703-530-3502
Gildersleeve. Dr. Royce  HIS MH 411-02 703-257-6683
Givens, Dr. Susan  ENF MC 231-03 703-257-6673
Graves, Corinne SOC MH 411-10 703-257-6537
Hafen, Dr. Christopher  PSY MH 411-09 703-530-3509
Harrison, Dr. Joel  REL MH 411-19 703-530-3556
Harris-Scott, Rebecca  HIS MH 411-01 703-530-3503
Harvey, Dr. Jonathan  ENG MC 231-05 703-530-8275
Hileman, Amy CST MH 411-07 703-530-3011
Kemp, Dr. William (Bill)  PSY MH 411-08 703-257-6506
Kervina, Dr. Christine ENG MC 231-08 703-257-6686
Korn, Dr. Charles  CST MH 411-28 703-257-6697
Krall, Casey ENG MC 231-02 703-530-2821
Landries, Kate ENG MC 231-10 703-257-6694
Lash, Dr. Barbara  ART MH 411-05 703-257-6657
Ludlow, Dr. Kathleen  CHD MH 411-16 703-257-6586
Lumen, Erika (Kaya) ENG MC 231-04 703-530-2820
Mayfield, Bernice  CHD MH 411-15 703-530-3501
Mancini, Nicole EDU MP 213-08 703-530-3026
Perry, Bethanie  HIS MH 411-03 703-257-6695
Pinney, Matthew  ART MH 411-13 703-530-3511
Powell, Dr. Gerald  CST MH 411-29 703-530-3557
Reynolds, Dr. Craig ART MH 411-19 703-530-3539
Ryan, Maryellen  ECO MH 411-06 703-530-2891
Sparks-Early, Cristina  SPA MH 411-30 703-257-6504
Stewart, Dr. Ruth  ENG MC 231-07 703-257-6691
Tucker, Alicia  HIS MH 411-04 703-257-6696
Turner, Tildon ENG MC 231-04 703-530-8258
Warnick, Dr. Ashlie  ECO MH 413-05 703-530-3523
Wilkins, Ashley  EDU  MH 411-18 703-530-3530
Woodard, William (Bill)  ESL MH 411-31 703-257-6594


Name Phone Email Office
David Epstein
Academic Dean
703.878.5718 WAS 233
Stephanie Harm
Associate Dean for EDE, ENG, ESL and World Languages
703.878.5799 WAS 232
K.V. White
Associate Dean for ART, CST, ECO, GEO, HIS, MUS, HUM, EDU, PHT, PHI, PLS, PSY, REL and SOC
703.878.5755 WAS 232

Faculty and Staff

Name Phone Email Office
Maddie Coradin (Office Manager) 703.878.5718 WAS 232


Name Phone Email Office
Dr. Khalil Al-Tahrawi 703.878.6109 E 101-9


Name Phone Email Office
Dr. Erin Devine 703.878.4562 E 116
Zac Jackson 703.878.6113 WAS 133
Dr. Elizabeth Lynch 703.878.4595 E 107
Fred Markham 703.878.5793 WAS 135


Name Phone Email Office
Dr. Bryan Brown 703.878.5665 E 118
Chris Stallings 703.878.6176 E 118

Communication Studies

Name Phone Email Office
Cedric Howard 703.878.4610 E 101-11
Jenny Lopez 703.878.6115 E 108
James Steele 703.878.6174 E 114
Dr. Tamara Warren-Chinyani 703.878.6130 E 108


Name Phone Email Office
Bipin Khana 703.878.5644 E 101-6


Name Phone Email Office
Denise Bausch 703.878.5663 E 101-2
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo 703.878.5706 E 101-3
Stephanie Dupal 703.878.6129 E 120
Indigo Eriksen 703.878.5808 E 101-4
Jolene Houston 703.878.5719 E 121
Dr. Theana Kastens 703.878.4593 E 110
Gustavo Monje 703.878.4686 E 101-7
Dac Nelson 703.878.5893  E 119
Dr. Julie Quinn 703.878.5670 E 119
Jennifer Richardson 703.878.5660 E 107
Lisa Smith 703.878.5668 E 117
Emily Stinson 703.878.5657  E 101-5
Jennifer Taylor       703.878.5721 E 121
LeeAnn Thomas 703.878.4559 E 116


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Jackie Weaver 703.878.4597 E 109
Martha Wheeler 703.878.5666 E 109


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Dr. Charlie Errico 703.878.5639 E 115
William Howes 703.878.5624 E 115
Dr. Maureen Santelli 703.878.8678 E 101-13
Susan Thompson 703.878.5632 E 106


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Elizabeth (Liz) Donadio 703.878.5776 WAS 104


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Margaret (Megan) Davies 703.878.5638 E 101-15
Dr. Alicia Grodsky 703.878.5636 E 111
Dr. Cedric Wilson 703.878.5869 E 111


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Lisa Riggleman-Gross 703.878.5642

E 106


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Donna Clark 703.878.5671 E 110

Theater and Communication Studies

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David Tyson 703.878.6114 WAS 137