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In support of its overall mission, NOVA creates and maintains well-articulated and understandable policies and procedures to which the entire college community has ready access online. NOVA policies and procedures conform to the policies and procedures of the Virginia Community College System and the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of the United States. If a college policy or procedure is in conflict with an equivalent or related policy of the VCCS or with a law or regulation of the Commonwealth, the policy of VCCS or the law or regulation of the Commonwealth takes precedence and the NOVA policy or procedure will be modified to be in compliance.

This NOVA Policies webpage contains the most current approved version of all College policies, with links to applicable procedures and forms. These documents constitute the only official College-wide policies. Departments that wish to include any of these policies on their own website should link to the version on this site so as to avoid multiple (and potentially inconsistent) versions of the policy on College's website.

This webpage will be updated as additional policies are approved.

  • Policy Work Group 2020 - 2021

    The College has established a Policy Work Group, whose charge is to:

    1. Ensure that proposed policies address a College need or mandate and are consistent with the College’s mission, goals and priorities;
    2. Review draft policies for conflicts with existing College and VCCS policies and procedures;
    3. Ensure that each College policy has an identified Responsible Office;
    4. Solicit input from relevant College constituencies and consider and respond to that input;
    5. Submit comments to Responsible Office, which will finalize the draft policy and submit to Administrative Council for approval.

    Membership includes representatives from each of the following areas:



    Academic Affairs

    Willie Pomeroy

    Academic Deans

    Alison Thimblin

    College Senate

    Donna Minnich

    Deans of Students

    Ellen Fancher-Ruiz

    Financial Aid

    Nichele Inboden

    Human Resources

    Charlotte Calobrisi

    LTR Deans

    Matt Todd


    Molly Lynch

    Finance & Administration

    Ina Dimkova

    Finance & Administration

    Cory Thompson

    Institutional Effectiveness

    Ashley Archer

    Instructional and Information Technology

    Shelli Jarvis

    Student Services

    Cynthia Pascal


    Keila Louzado


    College Policy Manager

    Donna Patchett

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