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Our Student Activities Offices work with students, faculty and staff to organize a variety of campus activities and events. We want to integrate social, cultural and recreational experiences into the college experience, creating well-rounded students who become leaders and members of their community.

If you have questions about campus activities, events or if you would like to join or start an organization, contact your campus Student Activities Office.


Ashlyn Rebok
Student Life Advisor
AA 134
Email: arebok@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.933.1847

MH 108A

Marcie Schreibman
Student Life Coordinator
Email: mschreibman@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.257.6665

Cari Dresser
Student Life Advisor
Email: cdresser@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.530.3046

Room CF 232

Matthew "Tank" McCarl
Student Life Program Manager
Email: mmccarl@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3147

Elizabeth Garibay
Student Life Office Manager
Email: egaribay@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3385

Louise Murray-Pino
Graphic Designer
Email: lmurraypino@nvcc.edu  
Phone: 703.323.3444

Room HE 116

Pat Martin-Mattocks
Sr. Advisor of Student Life
Email: pmartinmattocks@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.822.6598

LC 102N

Tiffney Laing
Coordinator of Student Life
Email: tlaing@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.450.2616

Michael McMillon
Student Life Specialist
Email: mmcmillon@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.450.2616

WS 158

Sara Clifton
Student Life Advisor 
Email: sclifton@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.878.5729

NOVA Online

Charlotte Lombardo
Student Life Coordinator
Email: clombardo@nvcc.edu 
Phone: 703.323.3510

Brault 208

Brian Anweiler
College-Wide Student Activities Coordinator
Email: banweiler@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3037

Brault 208

Steve Mrowka
Athletic Director
Email: smrowka@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3240
CG 112A

Cecil “CJ” Jackson
Intramural Coordinator
Email: cecijackson@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3713

If you have questions about college-wide activities or events contact:

Brian Anweiler
College-Wide Student Activities Coordinator

Brault 208
Phone: 703.323.3037
Email: banweiler@nvcc.edu