NOVA Chatbot

Using the NOVA Chatbot

The NOVA Chatbot, powered by AI, is a 24/7 interactive digital assistant created for NOVA students and the community. It enables users to find information and get answers to their questions through an intuitive, human-like interaction on NOVA's websites.

To submit updates or for general questions regarding the NOVA AI Chatbot, email

Where to Find the Chatbot

The chatbot is available on the bottom right of the NOVA website or through the Chat button. 

How the Chatbot Will Assist NOVA Students

The chatbot can answer general questions about NOVA, such as providing directions to our six campuses, or how to order an official transcript. It will be integrated with the NOVA student information system for personalized information. As the chatbot continues to learn, it will respond to more personalized queries like "What's my GPA?" or "What's my class schedule?"

The bot has a basic knowledge of over 100 languages, allowing you to converse in your preferred language. Please note that the NOVA chatbot is in its early stages of development.

Thanks for helping our chatbot grow. We look forward to your feedback.