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Meet Your Language Goals and Requirements

There are many reasons to advance your English language skills. College admissions, career opportunities, and personal development are just a few.

“ESL” stands for “English as a Second Language,” and NOVA has two ESL programs to help local and international students improve their English language skills. You can achieve your goals through classes at home or on campus.

College ESL

Strengthen your academic English, levels 2-6, get your degree at NOVA, or prepare to transfer to a 4-year university.

American Culture and Language Institute

Improve your everyday English. Start at level 1. Earn a career certificate in business, IT, healthcare, or trades.

F1 Visa Special Considerations

F1 student visa holders must review eligibility to determine program placement.

College ESL Financial Aid

If you are taking College ESL courses, you may qualify for financial aid.

Workforce Assistance for ACLI ESL

ACLI classes do not qualify for financial aid, however, financial assistance may be available for workforce classes.

We’re here to help you.

If you have questions about which program to choose, you can request more information, and an ESL advisor will respond within two business days.

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