Course Content Summaries


PrefixCourse Name
HIS 101 Western Civilizations Pre-1600 CE
HIS 102 Western Civilizations Post-1600 CE
HIS 111 World Civilizations Pre-1500 CE
HIS 112 World Civilizations Post-1500 CE
HIS 121 United States History to 1877
HIS 122 United States History Since 1865
HIS 125 History of the American Indian
HIS 126 Women in World History
HIS 127 Women in American History
HIS 135 History of the Contemporary World
HIS 141 African-American History I-II
HIS 142 African-American History I-II
HIS 180 Historical Archaeology
HIS 181 Introduction to Historic Preservation
HIS 183 Survey of Museum Practice
HIS 186 Collections Management
HIS 187 Interpreting Material Culture
HIS 188 Field Survey Techniques for Archaeology
HIS 203 History of African Civilizations
HIS 205 Local History
HIS 211 History of England I
HIS 212 History of England II
HIS 214 History of Scotland
HIS 218 Introduction to Digital History
HIS 225 Topics in European History I-II
HIS 226 Topics in European History I-II
HIS 231 Introduction to Latin American History
HIS 232 History of Latin American Civilizations II
HIS 241 History of Russia I
HIS 242 History of Russia II
HIS 243 History of the Ancient World I
HIS 251 History of the Middle Eastern Civilization I
HIS 252 History of the Middle Eastern Civilization II
HIS 253 History of Asian Civilizations I-II
HIS 254 History of Modern East Asian Civilizations
HIS 255 History of Chinese Culture and Institutions
HIS 256 History of Japanese Culture and Institutions
HIS 261 Topics in Cultural Ethnicity
HIS 262 United States History in Film
HIS 266 Military History of the Civil War
HIS 267 The Second World War
HIS 268 The American Constitution
HIS 269 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 271 The American Frontier 1607-1890
HIS 276 United States History Since World War II
HIS 277 The American Experience in Vietnam
HIS 279 Age of the American Revolution
HIS 280 American Foreign Policy Since 1890
HIS 281 History of Virginia I-II
HIS 282 History of Virginia I-II