Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies and Business

The Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies and Business division prepares students with problem solving skills, critical thinking, research, creativity and data analysis necessary to be successful in many careers. With a strong academic foundation, students will be prepared to move into any field of study or career.

Contact & Office Information


Name Phone Email
Dr. Margaret Emblom-Callahan
Dr. Teba Aljumaili
Associate Dean for MCR, MTH, MTT, CSC, EGR
Dr. Stephen Ward
Associate Dean for ACC, ADJ, ARC, CAD, AUB, AUT, BLD, BUS, FIN, MKT, CIV, LGL, PED, and HLT
Dr. Katherine Burton
Division Lead for CHM, GOL and PHY
Dr. Michelle Gaston
Division Lead for BIO, NAS and ENV

Business, Technologies and PED/HLT

Dr. Steve Ward, Associate Dean
Accounting, Administration of Justice, Architecture Tech, Auto Tech & Collision Repair,
Business Mgmt & Admin, CAD, Civil Engineering Tech, Const Mgmt/Bldg Tech,
Financial Services, Marketing, Paralegal and PED/HLT


Name Phone Email
Karen Chipman 703.845.6534
Raymond Cook 703.845.6540
Pamela Parker 703.845.6547

Laura Dowd (adjunct)
Linda Herbert (adjunct)
Cleve Lisecki (adjunct)

Courtney Walker (adjunct)

Administration of Justice

Name Phone Email
Timothy Dickinson 703.933.8083
Teresita Lopez (adjunct)
Dr. Jeanette Loudy (adjunct)
Joseph Rosboschil (adjunct)

Auto Body/Automotive Technologies

Name Phone Email
Reginald Bennett 703.845.6523
Keith Brown
(GM ASEP Program Head)
Laura Garcia-Moreyra 
(Program Head)
Al Hupp 703.845.6509
George Apperson (adjunct)
Patrick Ayvar (adjunct) 
Warren Barbee (adjunct) 
Ryad Daoussi (adjunct) 
Sandy Garrett (adjunct)
Douglas Hinken (adjunct)
Kobe Jackson (adjunct)
Carl Pocaro (adjunct)

Building Sciences (Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management)

Name Phone Email
S. Michael Ghorbanian 703.845.6265
Andrea Maggi
Francis Abreu (adjunct) 
Mohammed Elomary (
Dr. Daniel Habete (adjunct)
Tom Ilich (adjunct) 
Ahmadreza Kashani (adjunct)
Tahir Khattak (adjunct) 
Dr. Maria Martchouk (adjunct)
Dr. Chukwukelue Monwuba (adjunct) 
Ihab Sakla (adjunct)
Girolamo Squarciafico (adjunct)
Dr. Richard Thompson. Jr. (adjunct)
David Vanaman (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Larry Edwards 703.645.6313

Kristin Hagan

Mohammad Kabir Jamal 703.845.6554
Kenneth Bullock, Jr. (adjunct)
Thomas Gentile (adjunct)
Charles Horan (adjunct)

Faniya Hussein (adjunct)

Jessica Manning (adjunct)

Steve Suetterlein (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Kelly Hebron, J.D. (Program Head) 703.845.6277
Megan Beckman (adjunct) 
Alan Boyd (adjunct) 
Janet Fiorentino (adjunct)
Cecilia Galloway-Sheil (adjunct)
Maureen Meyer (adjunct)

Luci Morgan (adjunct)
Alexis Stackhouse (adjunct) 

Cassie Wickline (adjunct)

Physical Education and Health

Name Phone Email
Dr. Richard Steele 703.845.4607

Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Dr. Teba Aljumaili, Associate Dean
Computer Science and Math/Dev Math

Computer Science

Name Phone Email
Emilia Butu 703.845.6314
Djavadi Djavadi (adjunct)
Kamal Kamal (adjunct)
Sandra Perez (adjunct)
Hanney Shaban (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Amy Richardson 703.933.8065 
Lubna Hamdan (adjunct) 


Name Phone Email
Idrissa Abdel-Kader 703.845.6548 
Essma Haddam 703.845.6268
Aissata Haidara 703.845.6036
Neha Jain 703.845.6515
Dr. Alexander Krantsberg 703.845.6548
Richard Noble 703.575.4717
Matthew Radio 703.845.6525 
Jamal Shajaiah 703.845.6548 
Biniyam Tibebu 703.845.6538
Snejana Topalova 703.845.6003
Dr. Bruce Wahl 703.845.6342
Faizah Alghamdi (adjunct) 
Joseph Chan (adjunct)
Logan Cobb (adjunct)
Diane Dvorak (adjunct) 
Robert Farinelli (adjunct) 
Nicole Bhalla Fernandez (adjunct)
Jessica Gilroy (adjunct)
Roseanna Gossmann (adjunct)
Kamran Gupta (adjunct) 
Sandra Hatch (adjunct) 
Park Jiseong (adjunct)
Junie Joseph (adjunct)
Ertan Kaya (adjunct)
Mitchell Komaroff (adjunct)
Maliha Luqman (adjunct) 
Jaydeb Maji (adjunct) 
Liz Martinez (adjunct)
Geraldine Maskelony (adjunct) 
Armira Matos-Ramos (adjunct)
Betsy McCall (adjunct)
Muhammad Nawaz (adjunct)
Gita Pippin (adjunct)
Aditi Rahman (adjunct) 
Patricia Robert (adjunct)
George Roub (adjunct)
Sharon Schoolcraft (adjunct)
Jennifer Soult (adjunct) 
Giang Trinh (adjunct)
Golnar Vaziri (adjunct)
Ivana Vukolic (adjunct)
Sze-Wing Wong (adjunct)
Isaac Zawolo (adjunct)  


Dr. Michelle Gaston, Interim Associate Dean

Biology/Natural Sciences/Environmental Sciences

Name Phone Email
Christine Bozarth
(Environmental Sciences)
Nicole Cintas 703.845.6004
David Fernandez 703.845.6522
Michelle Gaston 703.845.6282
Meredith Kintzing
(Environmental Sciences)
Andrew Lee
Hong Nguyen 703.845.6506
Elise Phan 703.845.4605
Charles Pumpuni 703.845.6519
Corinna Rupert 703.933.8064
Jessica Sitnik
Susan Williams
(Lab Manager)
Izanne Zorin 703.845.6528
Jerri A. Cupero (adjunct)
Lauren Fuchs (adjunct)
Rosa Gallagher (adjunct)
Fatema Hashemi (adjunct)
Michelle Klein (adjunct)
Tatyana Kliorina (adjunct)
Elizabeth Kraske (adjunct)
Suman Mukherjee (adjunct)
Rokhila Zakirova (adjunct)
Dr. Katherine Burton, Interim Associate Dean
Chemistry, Geology and Physics


Name Phone Email
Katherine Burton 703.845.6505
Monica Feazell 703.845.4627
Dana Horoszewski 703.845.6002
John Vanderson 703.845.6504
Fadwa Elsayed-Mohamed
Syed Ahmad (adjunct)
Farrokh Malihi Basmanj (adjunct)
Daniel Lowy (adjunct)
Furqan Sami (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
Victor Zabielski 703.845.6507
Elizabeth Doyle (adjunct)
Marla Morales (adjunct)
Elisheva Pauli (adjunct)


Name Phone Email
David Stancato
Tatiana Stantcheva 703.845.6514
Walter Wimbush 703.845.6526
James Lloyd (Lab Manager)
Luis Alejandro Correa Borbonet (adjunct)
Cathy Bunge (adjunct)
Ivan Carpio (adjunct)
Sugata Chowdhury (adjunct)
James Chye (adjunct)
Parshu Gyawali (Adjunct) 
Ahmad Zadeh (adjunct)


PHONE: 703.323.3109 | OFFICE: CS 206

Dr. Abbas Eftekhari Dean 703.323.3325 CS 208
Rachada Weiland Administrative Assistant 703.323.3109 CS 206


PHONE: 703.323.3224 OFFICE: CS 204
Todd Tupper Lead Faculty 703.764.7767 CS 120 D
Karla Henthorn Lead Faculty 703.323.3236 CS 122 A
Rachada Weiland Administrative Assistant 703.323.3109 CS 206
Masoumeh Assadi Biology Lab Manager 703.764.7399 CS 116
Joseph Bean Biology Faculty 703.323.3879 CS 231
Peter Bryan Biology Faculty 703.425.0745 CFH 211O
Karen Bushaw-Newton Biology Faculty 703.425.5139 CFH 211 L
Katherine Echazarreta Biology Lab Tech (FT) 703.764.7776 CS 108
Paul Fitzgerald Biology Faculty 703.323.2442 CS 233
Trudy Gillevet Biology Faculty 703.323.2391 CS 122 D
Kirk Goolsby Biology Faculty 703.323.3165 CS 106 E
Karla Henthorn Biology Faculty 703.323.3236 CS 122 A
Peter Jo Biology Faculty 703.425.5169 CS 120 C
Huey-Jane Liao Biology Faculty 703.764.5024 CS 122 B
Emily Oxe Biology Lab Tech (FT) 703.323.3226 CS 108
Michael Peglar Biology Faculty 703.764.5023 CS 106 D
Sam Po SLC Tutor 703.425.5231 CFH 211 B
Robin Rohrback Lab Equipment Coordinator 703.323.3253 CS 210
Swathi Seeke Biology Faculty 703.764.7768 CS 106 C
Debbie Shaffer Biology Faculty 703.323.3077 CS 106 A
Mercy Sheikh Biology Faculty 703.323.2157 CS 120 F
Raji Subramanian Biology Faculty 703.764.6048 CS 120 B
Afshin Tavassoli Biology Faculty 703.425.5968 CS 120 A
Ilya Temkin Biology Faculty 703.425.5120 CFH 211M
Samira Topchubashova Biology Faculty 703.425.3475 CS 120 E
Zenbaba Wordoffa Biology Faculty 703.323.3013 CS 122 E
Rebecca Wright Biology Faculty 703.764.7766 CS 106 B


PHONE: 703.323.3113 OFFICE: CS 204
Ben Wang Associate Dean 703.323.3730 CS 204 A
Rachada Weiland Administrative Assistant 703.323.3109 CS 206
Kavitha Avadhuta Chemistry Lab Tech 703.425.5464 CS 222
Alexander Bohn Physics Faculty 703.425.0678 CS 248 A
James Buecheler Geology Lab Tech 703.323.3152 CS 203
Mihaela Chamberlin Chemistry Faculty 703.425.5130 CS 244 D
Katherine Geiser-Bush Chemistry Faculty 703.323.3231 CS 244 E
Ingrid Guillen Marquina Chemistry Lab Tech 703.425.0685 CS 235
Shelley Jaye Associate Instructor GOL Email only .
Ritu Kansal Chemistry Faculty 703.425.5962 CFH 211 E
Timothy Long Associate Instructor Hospitality Management 703.323.3461 CT 220 F
Manori Nadesalingam Physics Faculty 703.764.5022 CS 248 C
Kenneth Rasmussen Geology Faculty 703.323.2139 CS 248 B
Jo Ann Short Admin of Justice Faculty 703.323.3538 CC 120 E
Sheldon Soon Physics Lab Tech 703.323.2424 CS 212
Piraba Swaminathan Chemistry Faculty 703.323.3709 CS 244 B
Yohannes Tesema Chemistry Faculty 703.764.5028 CS 244 C
Stephen Wissing Physics Faculty 703.323.3160 CS 248 D
Stephen Wofsey Admin of Justice Faculty 703.425.5197 CC 120 D
Yared Woldegiorgis Physics Faculty 703.323.2159 CFH 211 K


PHONE: 703.323.3157 | FAX: 703.323.3015 | OFFICE: CC 220
Richard Fiesel Associate Dean 703.323.4568 CC 220
Mary Atkins Administrative Assistant 703.323.3193 CC 220
Anwar Ahmad Computer Science Faculty 703.425.5173 CC 122 E
Lynn Barnsback Business Faculty 703.323.2127 CC 216 B
Cristina Boicu Computer Science Faculty 703.323.3514 CC 216 A
Sabrina Chikhi Business Faculty 703.323.3324 CC 216 F
Charbel Fahed Engineering Faculty 703.323.3188 CT 316 E
Janet Largaespada Business Admin Faculty 703.323.3456 CC 216 D
David Lin Engineering Faculty 703.323.3597 CT 316 F
Tom Marsh Accounting Faculty 703.323.3180 CC 220 C
Judy McNamee Business Faculty 703.323.3333 CC 216 E
Isabel Morrison Accounting Faculty 703.323.3094 CC 220 A
Rudy Napisa Engineering Faculty 703.323.3497 CT 316 D
Nazanin Saidi Architecture Faculty 703.764.6041 CT 316 B
Larry Shannon Computer Science Faculty 703.323.3525 CC 216 C
Armen Simonian Architecture Faculty 703.323.3248 CT 316 D
Nagi Soliman Engineering Faculty 703.506.6322 CT 316 F
Erica Thompson Accounting Faculty 703.503.6317 CC 220 B
Zulma Westney Business Faculty 703.323.3162 CC 216 F
Kimberly Whitehouse Computer Science Faculty 703.323.3303 CC 216 A


PHONE: 703.323.3593 FAX: 703.323.3841 OFFICE: CT 226
Karen Walters Associate Dean 703.323.3181 CT 226 B
Maria Bernasconi Salazar MTH Administrative Assistant 703.323.3593 CT 226
Marty Bredeck Mathematics Faculty 703.764.6042 CT 336 C
Sumi Chatterjee Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3211 CT 336 B
Alpana Das Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3219 CT 226 F
Elizabeth Dinkelman Mathematics Faculty 703.503.6321 CT 342
Khadiga Gamgoum Mathematics Faculty 703.323.4039 CM 318
Johannes Memling Mathematics Faculty 703.425.0735 CT 336 D
Don Goral Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3888 CT 336 A
David Haile Mathematics Faculty 703.323.4232 CT 336 F
John Hawkins Associate Instructor MTH 703.323.3548 CT 226 D
Paul Headley Math Lab Assistant 703.425.5634 CT 105 A
Chamath Hettiarachchi Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3560 CM 314
Brian Johnson Mathematics Faculty 703.323.2132 CT M124
Terry Krize Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3891 CT 336 D
Robert Martin Mathematics Faculty 703.764.6005 CT 304
Aicha Mouloud Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3439 CT 220 C
Deborah Nasseri Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3553 CM 326
James Nong Mathematics Faculty 703.764.5027 CT 134
Long Nguyen Associate Instructor MTH 703.323.3429 CT 226 A
Elizabeth Olibah Mathematics Faculty 703.323.2344 CT 226 C
Christopher Paldino Mathematics Faculty 703.323.3225 CT 226 E
Michelle Perschbacher Mathematics Faculty 703.425.0663 CT 220 D
Margaret Roberts Mathematics Faculty 703.323.2150 CM 320
Susan Sunny Mathematics Faculty 703.503.6319 CT 220 E


MSTB DIVISION OFFICE LR 316 | 703.450.2585 |

Name Title Email Office Phone Disciplines
Mike Davis Dean  LR-316 703.450.2585 Pathway Dean of Physical Sciences
Jeffery Vetrano Associate Dean LR-305D 703.948.5648 CSC, MTH, MDE
Mitra Jahangeri Lead Faculty  LS-152


Gillian Backus Lead Faculty  LS-158


Anders Vidstrand Program Head  LS-146 703.450.2614 HRT
Nora Glaser Program Head  LA-157 703.450.2623 VET

Support Staff

Name Discipline Phone Email
Agatha Riccio Division Office Manager 703.450.2586
Seema Varma Division Office Specialist 703.450.2575
Yileany Sharma Santamaria Administrative Assistant 703.450.2585
Elizabeth Carr Biology Lab Manager 703.948.7592 
Maryann Williamson Biology Lab Assistant 703.948.5734
Khang Trieu Chemistry Lab Manager 703.948.7743
Laurie Mergler Computer Lab Manager 703.450.2521
Phi Phung Trinh Math Center Manager 703.450.2644
Susan Peters Math Center Trainer/Instructor 703.450.2644
Bindu Manassery Math Center Support 703.450.2644
Lisa Scott Veterinary Technology Program Coordinator 703.948.5733
Nicole Gagnon Veterinary Technology Admin 703.948.7590
Tricia Brehm Veterinary Lab Technician Assistant 703.948.7590
Diane Schrenzel Veterinary Lab Technician 703.948.7786
Dawn Witter Veterinary Lab Technician 703.450.2541


Name Phone Email Discipline
Ala Abdelbaki, PhD 703.450.2526 MTH
Sharis Ahmadi 703.948.7713  MTH
Hashem Anwari 703.450.2610 CSC
Gillian S. Backus, PhD 703.948.7785 BIO
Mohammed Belghith, PhD 703.450.2514 EGR
Manpreet Birring-Bhattia 703.948.7714 MTH
John Bozeman, PhD 703.948.7596  ENV
Lindsay Buckingham 703.948.7782 MTH
Miguel Corrigan 703.450.2615 BUS/ FIN/MKT
Susan Dickson 703.450.5483 HRT
Laurie DiGirolamo 703.450.5742 MTH
Woodnard Givens 703.404.7333 BIO
Nora Glaser 703.450.2623  VET
Joseph Herning, PhD 703.450.2620 MTH
Kush Jenkins 703.948.2789 ACC
Ramani Kharidehal 703.948.5744 PHY
Amber Kingsley 703.948.7741 VET
Lara Langdon 703.948.7793 MTH
Morgan Marsh 703.450.2621 BIO
Scott Matthews 703.450.2622 BIO
Anita Mohan, PhD 703.948.7550 CHM
Pamela Nation 703.948.7716 MTH
Jonathan Opata 703.948.7787 BUS
Krishna Pendyala, PhD  703.450.2564 CHM
Deanna Podlenski 703.948.6652 BUS
Haja Razafinjatovo 703.948.6651 MTH/CSC
Paula J. Rodgers PhD 703.948.2790 BIO
Christopher Rose 703.948.7659 MTH
Karen Sandreczki 703.948.5482 MTH
Nicholas Sborz 703.948.7795  HLT, PED
John Scalea 703.948.7700 MTH
William H. Straight, PhD 703.948.7750 GOL
Frederick Terranova 703.450.2576  BIO
Francesca Viale  703.948.3707 PHY
Michael Victorine 703.450.7712 MTH
Anders Vidstrand 703.450.2614 HRT
Eric A. Voll, PhD 703.450.2510  BIO
Michael Wallace 703.404.7319 MTH
Heidi Wangerin 703.450.2792 BIO


Name Phone Email Office
Raymond Burton, Ed.D.
703.257.6605  MP 130
Cathleen H. Cogdill, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean
703.530.3063 MP  236
Sherice Paige, CAP
Administrative Assistant
703.530.3538 MP 130
Rafael "Anthony" Soriano
Administrative Assistant
703.257.6605  MP 130


Name Phone Email Office
Gary Brooks, Ph.D.
Full Time Faculty
703.530.3012  MP 204
Stephen Fritsche, Ph.D. 
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6615 MP 204

Administration of Justice

Name Phone Email Office
Russell Carter, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6503  MP 204
Victoria Hill-Megginson, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3510 MP 213

Auto/Diesel/ Welding
MAW/MVA Buildings

Name Phone Email
Myles Embrey
Full-Time Faculty
Timothy Godfrey 
Full-Time Faculty
John Hicks 
Program Head, AUT/DSL  
Full-Time Faculty

Santiago Rivera
Program Head, WEL
Full-Time Faculty


Dana Greenstreet
AUT/WEL/DSL Lab Manager



Name Phone Email

Lauren Fuchs
Full-Time Faculty

703.257.6654 MP 213

Vijaya Gandreti
Full-Time Faculty

703.530.3060 MP 302
Timothy Hadlock 
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.2827  MP 302

Geeta Jadhav, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty

703.257.6648  MP 302
Xin Zhou, Ph.D.
BIO Technology Program Head 
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6647  MP 302

Papaphit "Lei" Rubis
Biology Lab Coordinator

703.530.3554 MP 213

Tiffany Su
Biology Lab Coordinator

703.530.2837 MP 213

Business Administration/Management

Name Phone Email
Charles Akinduro
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.8222 MP 204
George Lekakis
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3028 MP 204
Rachael Murphy
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3026 MP 204
Sabrina Ricks, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.7381 MP 204


Name Phone Email Office
Ahmed Benhusen, Ph.D.
Full Time Faculty
703.257.6644  MC 333
Chhandahshri Bhattcharya, Ph.D.
Full Time Faculty
703.530.3515  MC 333
Amany Saleh, Ph.D. 
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6689 MP 236

Computer Science

Name Phone Email Office
Yingjin Cui 
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3516  MP 213


Name Telephone Email Office
Nina Lord 
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3022 MP 213


Name Phone Email Office
Caitlin Chazen, Ph.D.  
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6562 MP 213

Information Technology

Name Phone Email Office
Santwana Das
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3068 MTS 244
Jade Jones
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6555 MTS 244
Shirley Cash
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6574 MTS 244


Name Telephone Email Office

Shahrokh Ahmadi
Full-Time Faculty

703.257.6535 MTS 142

Abbas Arbabshirani
Full-Time Faculty


MTS 213

Elaine DiBartolomeo
Full-Time Faculty


MTS 213

Barry Falk 
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6552 MTS 148
Rizza Hansen 
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3027  MTS 144
Chinthaka Hettitantri
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6617 MTS 142
Suzanne Hutcheson
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3524 MTS 146

Inyang Michael Inyang
Full-Time Faculty

703.530.8276 MTS 148
Matthew Konicki
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.3058 MTS 150

Sami Nefissi
Full-Time Faculty

703.530.8277  MTS 140

Jennifer Stephenson
Full-Time Faculty

703.257.6518 MTS 146

Matthew Westerhoff
Full-Time Faculty

703.530.3065  MTS 150

Micah Poole
Math Lab Coordinator

703.257.3517 MTS 144


Name Phone Email Office
John Sound
Full-Time Faculty
703.530.2822 MTS


Name Phone Email Office
Tetteh Addy, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty
703.257.6646  MC 335

Barbara Medvar, Ph.D.
Full-Time Faculty

703.530.3555 MP 213


Name Title/Discipline Phone Email Office
Alison Thimblin Academic Dean 703.878.5741 WAS 338
Vasanthi Krishnan Associate Dean: BIO, CHM, ENV, GOL, HLT, PED, PHY 703.878.5615 WAS 314
Edward Zuniga Associate Dean: ACC, ADJ, BUS, CON, MKT 703.878.6108 WAS 310
Kate Melara-Ramirez Administrative Assistant 703.878.5741 WAS 306
Stephanie Loving Office Assistant 703.878.5741 WAS 306
Jose Alachan Science Lab Technician 703.878.4635 B 107
Daniel Burden Science Lab Technician 703.878.5604 WAS 352
Shannon Werner Science Lab Technician 703.878.5819 B 107


Name Phone Email Office
Nauri Ahmed 703.878.5650 E 114

Administration of Justice

Name Phone Email Office
Lisa Baker 703.878.5864 E 117

Air Conditioning

Name Phone Email Office
John Meeker 703.878.8577 WAS 109

Biology and Environmental Science

Name Phone Email Office
Christian Bartley 703.878.5619 WAS 316
Maggie Greer
BIO Lab Tech
703.878.4635 B 107
Waqar Kazmi 703.878.4522 WAS 348
Sara Mendoza 703.878.6107 WAS 322
Vincent Ng 703.878.5886 WAS 323
Elena Ortiz WAS 304K
Idalia Rodriguez 703.878.4563 WAS 319
Rachna Tiwari 703.878.4546 WAS 346
Melakeselam Zerihun 703.878.5622 WAS 358


Name Phone Email Office
Cameisha Chin 703.878.5897 E 101-12
Jacquelyn Peterson 703.878.4642 E 122
Denise Simmons 703.878.5634 E 122


Name Phone Email Office
Betsy Chesky 703.878.5741 WAS 317
Sarahi Zarco Gomez 703.878.5741 WAS 315

Computer Science

Name Phone Email Office
Dorin Marcu 703.878.5664 WAS 304G


Name Phone Email Office
Musaab Abdulrahman 703.878.5777 WAC 109
Jay Hines 703.878.4674 WAC 109
Jose Trevino

WAC 109


Name Phone Email Office
Avery Austin
Lead Math Support Specialist
703.878.6145 G 118-4
Zeinab Bandpey 703.878.5623 WAS 311
Balcha Borgi 703.878.5647 WAS 309
Erin Delmage WAS 304H
Samah Mahmoud 703-878-5614 WAS 321
Robert Martray 703.878.5614 WAS 304E
Teresa Overton 703.878.5884 WAS 320
Soo Son 703.878.6180 WAS 313
Edward Smith 703.878.5889 WAS 332
Tyler White WAS 312


Name Phone Email Office
Mohammad Arif 703.878.4657 WAS 318