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Course Content Summaries - Arts


PrefixCourse Name
ART 100 Art Appreciation
ART 101 History and Appreciation of Art I
ART 102 History and Appreciation of Art II
ART 103 History of Far Eastern Art I-II
ART 104 History of Far Eastern Art I-II
ART 105 Art in World Culture
ART 106 History of Modern Art
ART 115 Current Issues in Web Design
ART 116 Design for the Web I
ART 117 Design for the Web II
ART 121 Drawing I
ART 122 Drawing II
ART 130 Multimedia I
ART 131 Fundamentals of Design I
ART 132 Fundamentals of Design II
ART 134 Three Dimensional Design
ART 135 Visual Communications
ART 140 Introduction to Graphic Skills
ART 141 Typography I-II
ART 142 Typography I-II
ART 150 History of Film and Animation
ART 153 Ceramics I
ART 154 Ceramics II
ART 160 Film Production I
ART 161 Film Production II
ART 175 Photography Workshop
ART 200 Introduction to Primitive Art
ART 203 Animation I
ART 204 Animation II
ART 207 3D Model Rendering
ART 208 Video Techniques
ART 209 Creative Concepts and Writing
ART 211 History of American Art I
ART 212 History of American Art I-II
ART 213 Italian Art I-II
ART 214 Italian Art II
ART 217 Graphic Design I
ART 218 Graphic Design II
ART 220 Advanced Design for the Web
ART 221 Drawing III
ART 222 Drawing IV
ART 223 Etching I
ART 230 Multimedia II
ART 231 Sculpture I
ART 232 Sculpture II
ART 235 Functional Ceramics
ART 236 Sculptural Ceramics
ART 237 Ceramic Decoration
ART 241 Painting I
ART 242 Painting II
ART 243 Watercolor I
ART 244 Watercolor II
ART 247 Painting Techniques for Illustrators
ART 250 History of Design
ART 251 Communication Design I
ART 253 Design III-IV
ART 254 Design III-IV
ART 258 Lithography
ART 263 Interactive Design I-II
ART 264 Interactive Design I-II
ART 265 Graphic Techniques
ART 266 Package Design
ART 267 Integrated Design Techniques
ART 268 Professional Practices in Communication Design
ART 269 Advanced Typography
ART 270 Motion Graphics I
ART 271 Printmaking I
ART 272 Printmaking II
ART 275 Relief  Printmaking
ART 277 Advanced Printmaking
ART 278 3D Computer Graphics I
ART 279 3D Computer Graphics II
ART 280 Graphic Design Studio Arts
ART 281 Illustration for Designers
ART 283 Computer Graphics I
ART 284 Computer Graphics II
ART 287 Portfolio and Resume Preparation