PrefixCourse Name
ART 100 Art Appreciation
ART 101 History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic
ART 102 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern
ART 103 History of Far Eastern Art I-II
ART 104 History of Far Eastern Art I-II
ART 105 Art in World Culture
ART 106 History of Modern Art
ART 115 Current Issues in Web Design
ART 116 Design for the Web I
ART 117 Design for the Web II
ART 121 Foundations of Drawing
ART 122 Drawing II
ART 130 Introduction to Multimedia
ART 131 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 132 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 134 Three Dimensional Design
ART 135 Visual Communications
ART 140 Introduction to Graphic Skills
ART 141 Typography I
ART 142 Typography II
ART 150 History of Film and Animation
ART 153 Ceramics I
ART 154 Ceramics II
ART 160 Film Production I
ART 161 Film Production II
ART 175 Photography Workshop
ART 200 History of Non-Western Art
ART 203 Animation I
ART 204 Animation II
ART 207 3D Model Rendering
ART 208 Video Techniques
ART 209 Creative Concepts and Writing
ART 211 History of American Art I
ART 212 History of American Art I-II
ART 213 Italian Art I-II
ART 214 Italian Art II
ART 215 History of Modern Art
ART 217 Graphic Design I
ART 218 Graphic Design II
ART 220 Advanced Design for the Web
ART 221 Drawing III
ART 222 Drawing IV
ART 223 Life Drawing
ART 230 Multimedia II
ART 231 Sculpture I
ART 232 Sculpture II
ART 235 Functional Ceramics
ART 236 Sculptural Ceramics
ART 237 Ceramic Decoration
ART 241 Painting I
ART 242 Painting II
ART 243 Watercolor I
ART 244 Watercolor II
ART 247 Painting Techniques for Illustrators
ART 250 History of Design
ART 251 Communication Design I
ART 253 Design III-IV
ART 254 Design III-IV
ART 258 Lithography
ART 263 Interactive Design I
ART 264 Interactive Design II
ART 265 Graphic Techniques
ART 266 Package Design
ART 267 Integrated Design Techniques
ART 268 Professional Practices in Communication Design
ART 269 Advanced Typography
ART 270 Motion Graphics I
ART 271 Printmaking I
ART 272 Printmaking II
ART 275 Relief  Printmaking
ART 277 Advanced Printmaking
ART 278 3D Computer Graphics I
ART 279 3D Computer Graphics II
ART 280 Graphic Design Studio Arts
ART 281 Illustration for Designers
ART 283 Computer Graphics I
ART 284 Computer Graphics II
ART 287 Portfolio and Resume