PrefixCourse Name
ENG 1 Preparing for College Writing I
ENG 100 Basic Occupational Communication
ENG 108 Critical Reading and Study Skills
ENG 111 College Composition I
ENG 112 College Composition II
ENG 113 Technical-Professional Writing
ENG 114 Scientific Writing
ENG 115 Technical Writing
ENG 116 Writing for Business
ENG 121 Introduction to Journalism I
ENG 122 Introduction to Journalism II
ENG 123 Writing for the World Wide Web
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
ENG 131 Technical Report Writing I
ENG 135 Applied Grammar
ENG 139 College Grammar
ENG 200 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 205 Technical Editing
ENG 210 Advanced Composition
ENG 211 Creative Writing I
ENG 212 Creative Writing II
ENG 215 Creative Writing: Fiction I
ENG 216 Creative Writing: Fiction II
ENG 217 Creative Writing: Poetry I
ENG 218 Creative Writing: Poetry II
ENG 219 Creative Writing: Drama
ENG 221 Advanced Journalism I
ENG 222 Advanced Journalism II
ENG 225 Reading Literature: Culture and Ideas
ENG 230 Mystery in Literature and Film
ENG 236 Introduction to the Short Story
ENG 237 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 244 Survey of English Literature I-II
ENG 245 British Literature
ENG 246 American Literature
ENG 247 Survey of Popular Culture
ENG 249 Survey of Asian American Literature
ENG 250 Children's Literature
ENG 253 Survey of Afro-American Literature I
ENG 254 Survey of Afro-American Literature II
ENG 255 World Literature
ENG 256 Literature of Science Fiction
ENG 257 Mythological Literature
ENG 258 African American Literature
ENG 261 Advanced Creative Writing I
ENG 262 Advanced Creative Writing II
ENG 267 Modern Novel
ENG 270 Non-Western Literature in Global Context
ENG 271 The Works of Shakespeare I
ENG 272 The Works of Shakespeare II
ENG 273 Women in Literature I-II
ENG 274 Women in Literature I-II
ENG 276 Southern Literature
ENG 279 Film and Literature
ENG 280 Writing User Manuals