Calculate Anticipated Aid Based on Actual Enrollment

Why Should I Review My Anticipated Financial Aid?

If you are awarded financial aid before the semester begins, your award will be based on anticipated full-time enrollment in at least 12 eligible credits. If you choose to enroll in less than 12 eligible credits, your financial aid award may be adjusted. Please follow the steps below to learn how to view your financial aid based on your current enrollment.

How to View the Anticipated Financial Aid

  1. Log in to myNOVA.
  2. Click on SIS: Student Information System.
  3. Click on My Student Information.
  4. Scroll down to the Finances tab and click on Account Inquiry.
  5. Click the yellow button, CLICK HERE to see Pending Financial Aid Based on Actual Enrollment.

Important Notes

  • If your pending financial aid is less than your total charges, please pay the remaining balance by the payment deadline. 
  • Classes that do not apply to your degree or certificate are not eligible for financial aid and are not included in the pending financial aid calculation. 
  • Pending financial aid will not be credited to your account and actually reduce the Total Due shown on your account until it is disbursed. This typically occurs approximately 2-3 weeks after the term census date if you have attended at least 6 eligible credits past the session census date and assuming you do not have any holds or incomplete To Do List items on your myNOVA account that prevent disbursement.