Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award

  1. Log in to myNOVA.
  2. Click on SIS: Student Information System.
  3. Click on My Student Information.
  4. Scroll down to the Finances section and under the Financial Aid click on the Accept/Decline Awards.
  5. Select the correct Aid Year.
  6. Enter a [√] check mark in the box to Accept or Decline loans or work-study.
    • Awards are for the entire year or for your period of enrollment if aid is received for only one term.
    • To decrease your loan amount, change the accepted amount field and update the total.
    • Accepted loan amount must be at least $200. 
    • Loan fees are subtracted from the total loan amount before disbursement. 
    • Full subsidized loan amounts should be accepted before taking any unsubsidized loan.

  7. Click on Submit.

For Direct Loan Borrowers

If you accept a student loan at NOVA you will be borrowing through the Direct Loan Program.