Uploading Financial Aid Documents from SIS To Do List

  1. Log in to myNOVA.
  2. Click on SIS: Student Information System.
  3. Click on My Student Information.
  4. Under the To Do List, click on the outstanding item. Note: The outstanding item is shown in bold until submitted.

  5. To upload the file, click Upload File. File names with special characters such as '?*&@!' will not be processed.
  6. Choose a file that you would like to upload. Then, click Upload. Depending on the requirements of the To Do List item, you may need to submit multiple documents to documents to complete one item. You will NOT be able to upload additional documents or make any adjustments to the submitted documents once you click Please review all uploaded documents carefully before submitting.
  7. When you are finished uploading the file, click View to review all documents. 

  8. After reviewing, click Submit. The To Do List item will no longer be shown in bold type.
  9. The To Do List item will also be marked as Received with the date and time the document was submitted. Note: Please continue to check your To Do List. If documents are rejected, the To Do List item will be set back to “Initiated”, which requires you to resubmit the correct/complete documents.

If you experience difficulty uploading documents through the To Do List, another option is to submit the documents to the Student Support Center by creating a case and securely uploading the documents as explained in the tutorial at https://www.nvcc.edu/forms/pdf/125-396.pdf.