DACA and Undocumented Students

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

We welcome DACA and undocumented students who are interested in attending NOVA, no matter your immigration status. As long as you have graduated from a high school in Virginia or received your GED in Virginia, you are eligible to enroll at NOVA. This section will guide you through the application process.

For additional questions, please contact one of our DREAMers Advocates.

Application Steps

Submit an application for admission online.

DACA students may qualify for in-state tuition. They have to bring documentation of their status to the campus Student Services Center before the first day of class. Students must be in DACA status for one year before they are eligible.

You are encouraged to speak with a counselor before enrolling for classes. A counselor can help you select a major, identify the classes you need to take, get financial aid, evaluate potential careers and more.

Enroll online with NOVAConnect. First-time students are encouraged to enroll in SDV 100 or another student development course during their first semester.

Pay online by credit card through NOVAConnect. When you enroll for classes, you must pay by the payment deadline. Unpaid classes may be dropped from your schedule.

Print a copy of your enrollment schedule from NOVAConnect or call 703.323.3770 or 703.330.3770 (Prince William County) to check your classes and payment status.

  • Verify that you are enrolled in the correct courses.
  • Print a copy of your enrollment schedule every time you make a change.

Activate your free email account.

  • To protect your privacy, instructors may only use a student's official NOVA email address.
  • You will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through your NOVA email account.

Important Notice: Students cannot activate their VCCS student email until they have enrolled for classes. All fees must be paid before students can access their email. 

Contact Us

Monica Gomez - mogomez@nvcc.edu - 703.948.7583
Ann-Danae Erickson - aerickson@nvcc.edu - 703.257.6622
Sandra Delgado - sdelgado@nvcc.edu - 703.878.6123