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Military & Veterans Admissions

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NOVA's Office of Military Services is dedicated to supporting all members of the military community (active duty, veterans and family members) achieve their education and career goals.

All new students must complete an online application for admissions.

Steps to Get Started

Most new students should take the English placement test. A photo ID is required, such as your NOVA Student ID, a driver's license, Military ID or green card. Allow approximately two hours for the test. Students whose first language is not English will normally need to take an English proficiency test. If you have completed a college-level English course at another college, you may not have to take this test.

If you plan to take a math course, you will have to take a math test. Other courses, such as chemistry and physics, require math and English placement tests as well. You can check with the Counseling Center on any campus for more information about which tests you need.

  • MCB Quantico: Placement Testing (Math & English)
  • Students who wish to take their placement tests at MCB Quantico should contact the NOVA representative at Quantico at 703.640.6303.
  • No placement testing is offered at Fort Belvoir.
  • NOVA Testing Centers
  • NOVA Sample Tests

You may not have to take the English and math placement tests if you have completed college-level math and or English courses at another accredited college or you have successfully taken the CLEP or DANTES tests.

If you have questions, contact a NOVA counselor at the Base Education Center or the military/veteran advisors located on your campus.

At the Base Education Center there are counselors available in the NOVA office as well as your local NOVA campus who will assist you with selecting a program of study and/or choosing classes.

NOVA has a wide variety of courses and degree programs designed for immediate employment. NOVA has guaranteed admission agreements with more than 50 colleges and universities. In addition, NOVA is a member of the Service Member Opportunity College (SOC) which was established to help active duty personnel in the Armed forces and their dependents graduate from college despite a potential change of duty station.

Active duty service members attending NOVA must complete a SOC agreement with NOVA before they complete 6 credit hours of course work through the college. NOVA degree programs are described in the College Catalog along with information about college policies, college resources, course descriptions, etc.

To assist students with their transition to college, NOVA offers student development courses, Counseling Center workshops and services that are designed to help students with their educational, career and life planning. SDV 100 is a one-credit course designed to provide an orientation to the college academic culture. Class meeting times for SDV 100 are scheduled in both the day, evening and through the Internet. An NOVA student must complete SDV 100 before enrolling in their 16th credit hour at the College.

Financial Aid is available for students who qualify via the Financial Aid Office.

Click here to view the Schedule of Classes online. A print version of the Schedule of Classes is also available. You will need to use a current version of the Schedule of Classes and NOVA Catalog to plan your schedule. Class times and locations for all five campuses, the Medical Education Center and ELI are listed in the Schedule of Classes, which is available approximately two months before the beginning of each semester. Computers are available for your use to check for class availability on all NOVA campuses. You can search for class availability online through NOVAConnect from any computer with an Internet connection.

Class times and locations are available on the Web in the Schedule of Classes. You can also find all instructions and forms needed for registration. Check the current class schedule for dates and times of registration.

You can register for classes on NOVAConnect using any computer with an Internet connection.

You can pay for classes using your Department of Veterans Affairs Education benefits, Department of Defense Tuition Assistance benefits, check, money order, VISA, Master Card, agency contract or student financial aid (if you have received an official financial aid award letter from the College Financial Aid Office). Tuition payment is due at the time of registration. You can only pay by cash in person. Tuition is the same for credit courses, developmental courses, ESL courses and courses being audited. Tuition is subject to change.
You can get a Web Payment Confirmation and a copy of your registration schedule by using NOVAConnect. You can also check your classes and payment status, but not get a receipt with NOVAConnect Phone. You must go to a campus Business Office to get a print receipt if you registered through NOVAConnect Phone or registered in person. The Business Offices CANNOT reprint a Web Payment Confirmation. Remember to check your receipt for any errors. Make sure you are registered for the proper courses on the correct days, at the right times and campus locations. You are responsible for making sure your registration is correct.
Contact a campus Student Services Center with any questions regarding your domicile status.

Textbooks can be purchased at the campus bookstores. Parking permits are available online and at campus business or police offices.

Email Account 

Activate your free email account.

  • To protect your privacy, instructors may only use a student's official NOVA email address.
  • You will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through your NOVA email account.

Important Notice: Students cannot activate their VCCS student email until they have enrolled for classes. All fees must be paid before students can access their email.