Student Software

The information and links below are resources to the NOVA computing community. Please review all documentation and system requirements before installing any software on your system. You may need to contact the software manufacturer for assistance if you encounter any major problems with the installation.

Free Anti-Spyware Software

Other Software

  • Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that is FREE to students, faculty and staff. This software provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive. Users should use their full VCCS email address as your username (ex. VCCS and VCCS password to login. Then follow Microsoft’s directions to set up the software. This link and instructions are also provided inside of Canvas. This software is provided for free as long as you are a student actively enrolled in courses and have made payment. If you need assistance with getting access to Microsoft Office 365, contact the NOVA IT Help Desk.
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus also available for those users who would like to purchase a license from Microsoft directly. This software is purchased as an annual license that must be renewed with Microsoft if users wish to continue using it after the first year.
  • Substantial Discounts on Software (including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office)
  • Adobe Reader (for reading PDF files)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver and Other Adobe Software
  • MyDrive is a new simplified system similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. Web folders can be accessed using your MyNOVA username and password.

Additional Software Resources

  • OpenOffice - A FREE suite of products very similar to Microsoft Office.
  • Apple iWork - Apple’s own suite of applications similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It's FREE on all new Macs, iPhone and iPads, and there is a FREE cloud version. If you have an older Apple device, the entire suite that you can keep is much cheaper than Microsoft Office.
  • Google Docs - You have already have access to Google Docs through your Student Email. Log in through myNOVA on the College home page. Click on Gmail, then click on MORE on the Black Search Tool Bar at the top of the page and click on EVEN MORE.
  • Read&Write - Literacy software with tools designed for reading, writing, study, and research support. It has reader software that works with our library articles, websites, and alternate format textbooks. Use your myNOVA username and password to download.

NOTE: Although NOVA is not a listed partner, NOVA students are offered the current discounts for their purchases once they have completed the registration process.

If you need further assistance please contact the IT Help Desk at 703.426.4141 or at

The software is provided for your convenience. Installation will be done at your own risk. No Support will be provided by the College IT Help Desk or any other NOVA entity for this software. The integrity of your data is your personal responsibility, and it is recommended that you have an up-to-date backup of your hard disk before downloading the software. NOVA cannot accept responsibility for any disruption, damage and/or loss of data on your computer system that may occur while using the software.