Google Apps for Education

Available Apps

In addition to Google Apps Email, you also have access to other Google Apps. Check out the main features you have available to use below; be sure to click on the options to see video demos and Google Help Center information.


Multiple calendars are available for you to use, including a simple online calendar, shared calendars, room/resource scheduling and subscriptions to public calendars. Mobile access is included.

Docs, Sheets and Slides

Create word processing documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Export them to your favorite desktop and mobile programs. Share them with your groups and make real-time changes together.


Store and access files anywhere -- on the Web, on your hard drive or on your mobile device. Store up to 5GB of work. Share files easily with others.


Chat with your classmates, faculty and friends on the Web through instant messaging. Organize a group chat or make a free voice call.


Participate in team website creation where you can embed videos, images and gadgets.

More Google Apps

Please note it is critical that you do not lie about your age if you are asked during the setup process, e.g. with YouTube or Google+. You risk disabling your access to all your applications including Gmail, and there is a complex process for re-enabling access. If you are having a problem, please review our troubleshooting page.

  • 3D Warehouse | SketchUp Help Center
    Find and share 3-D models of buildings, bridges, cars and more.
  • Google Analytics Help Center
    Receive useful digital analytics about visitors to your website. Learn how visitors use your website, how they arrived at your site, and how to keep them coming back.
  • Blogger Help Center
    Blogger Tour
    Share your thoughts, videos and photos with specific readers or the world. Blogger offers many customizable templates and gadgets to help you create a professional-looking blog.
  • Google Bookmarks Help Center
    Store your favorite Web pages in your Google account. Access your saved Bookmarks from any computer.
  • Google Books Overview and Help Center
    Similar to a Web search, Google Books searches for books that contain your search terms and returns books in the search results. Preview small sections of books if the publisher gave permission or the book is out of copyright.
  • Google Chrome Sync Help Center
    Sync bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme and other browser preferences when you use Chrome on other computers and devices.
  • Google Code Help Center
    Access developer tools, API, technologies and programs.
  • Google Custom Search Engine Help Center
    Add a customizable search box to your website to help visitors find what they need on your website.
  • Feedburner Help Center
    Web feed tool provides custom RSS feeds and management tools.
  • Google+ Hangouts Features
    A Social Networking site that allows you to connect with others, share thoughts, photos, videos; create events; and collaborate real-time using Google Hangouts.
  • Google Play Android Developer Console Help Center
    Publish and distribute applications to users of Android-compatible phones.
  • Google Groups Help Center
    Create your own group for friends, teams, study groups and specific topics. If you find a group discussing a topic you're interested in, you can join or request an invitation if the group is private.
  • Google Map Maker Help Center
    Add and update geographic data to be viewed on Google Maps and Google Earth. Share information about places around you. Updates are reviewed prior to being included in the maps.
  • Google Maps Help Center
    View basic maps, personalized maps, business information, and driving directions on your computer or mobile device. View a variety of map layers including traffic, photos, terrain and transit.
  • Google News Help Center
    Computer generated news site that aggregates news from more than 50,000 sources worldwide. Personalize your news by reordering the sections, adding and removing sections and adjusting sources.
  • Picasa Help Center
    Organize, edit, print and share photos and videos on your computer. Editing tools allow you to crop, remove red-eye, and color enhance your photos.
  • Google Public Data Help Center
    Explore large, public-interest datasets using charts and maps. Experiment with the tool to create visualizations of public which can be linked or embedded into your own Web page.
  • Google Translator Toolkit Help Center
    Helps translators translate documents and Web pages into dozens of other languages. Once the content is loaded, you can make changes to the text or utilize tools to make the process easier. Collaborate real-time with others on the translation of the document.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Help Center
    Receive detailed reports about your Web page's visibility. 
  • YouTube Help Center
    YouTube Getting Started
    Discover, watch and share original videos online. Personalize your YouTube Channel to share videos you have uploaded, play lists, favorites and subscriptions.
  • YouTube Content Manager Help Center
    Set of copyright policies and content management tools to allow users control of content.