Student Email

VCCS Student Email Account

NOVA relies on email to facilitate communication between instructors and students. You have been assigned a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) email account. You must use it for any course-related email communications to ensure your privacy as required by law.

To find your VCCS email account, visit

Accessing Your Email

  1. Log in to MyNOVA with your new password.
  2. Select the Gmail link.
  3. Read and agree to Gmail agreement terms.
  4. Your account is established once you can view your Gmail inbox.
  5. Check your student email daily for important information.
  6. MYNOVA email can be forwarded to a personal email account by clicking on settings (a gear icon) in the top right corner of your inbox.
  7. This is the official form of communication from NOVA, and all notifications/information will be sent via student email.

NOTE: A student must make a financial commitment to the college before they will have access to their student email.

Review NOVA's Email Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Apps at NOVA provides a NOVA gateway to Google’s online services, allowing you to take advantage of Google’s email, productivity and collaboration tools while maintaining your address.

Yes, your email account through Google Apps at NOVA will have its own address. This will not affect your personal Gmail account.

You should use the same username and password you have been using through myNOVA on the NOVA home page to access your new email system, Canvas and the Student Information System.

If you do not remember your username or password, click on myNOVA on the NOVA home page and then click on Look up your username and set your password.