NOVA's College-Wide Print Solution

Submit and retrieve print jobs at any ACEPrint device across campuses, paying effortlessly with your NOVACard. ACEPrint caters to students, faculty, staff, and guests, offering printing, copying, and scanning options. Additionally, select Faculty and Staff locations provide fax services. For inquiries or assistance, contact, call 703.323.3061 or ask Ace during business hours. 

ACEPrint Graphic

How Do I Use ACEPrint?

Download our complete guide to ACEPrint.

Where is ACEPrint?

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
AA (Bisdorf) 1st 128 / 1st floor Bisdorf Café AL-AA-128a-5550B
AA (Bisdorf) 2nd 232 / Hallway AL-AA-232 Hallway-5550A
AA (Bisdorf) 2nd 232 / Library AL-AA-232-5550C
AA (Bisdorf) 3rd 332 / OCL AL-AA-332-5550A
AFA (Fine Arts) 2nd 200 / Hallway AL-AFA-200-356IF-FS
AFA (Fine Arts) 3rd 324 / Lobby AL-AFA-324-Lobby-356IF
AFA (Fine Arts) 3rd 348 / Hallway AL-AFA-348-5550

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
CA (Student Services) 1st 113 / Near Financial Aid office AN-CA-Lobby-5550B
CFH (Founder's Hall) 3rd 300 / Library AN-CG-300-355IFA
CT (TV Tech) 2nd 228 / OCL AN-CT-228-5550
CS 2nd 2nd floor/student lounge AN-CS-Lobby-357

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
LA (Animal Science) 1st 142 / Hallway LO-LA-356IF-FS
LC (Learning Commons) 1st 102 / Student Center LO-LC-102-5550-FS
LC (Learning Commons) 2nd/3rd Library LO-LC-200-5550 / LO-LC-300-5550
LHEC (Higher Education Center) 2nd 206 LO-LH-206-5550-FS
LS (Science) 1st 136 / Seating area LO-LS-136-356IF
LW (Waddell) 2nd 230 / OCL LO-LW-230-5550A
Reston Center 2nd 200 / Hallway LO-RES-200-5550
Reston Center 3rd 3rd floor Student Lounge LO-RES-LOBBY-355
Reston Center 4th 418 / OCL LO-RES-418-5550
Signal Hill 3rd 300 / OCL LO-SH-300-5550

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
Trailside 2nd 251 / End of left hallway MA-MBV-2NDFLOOR-5550
MC (Colgan) 1st 129 / Library MA-MC-129-5550B
MP (Parrish) 1st 120 / OCL MA-MP-120-5550
MP (Parrish) 2nd 232 / Hallway MA-MP-2NDFLRLOBBY-5550

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
HE (Medical Education) 3rd 341 / Library HE-MEC-341-5550B
HE (Medical Education) 3rd 343 / OCL HE-MEC-343-5550

Building Floor Room/Approximate Location Device Name
WAS (Arts & Science) 1st 1st Floor Lobby WO-WAS-Lobby-357
WAS (Arts & Science) 2nd 230 / Library workroom WO-WAS-230L-5550A
WAS (Arts & Science) 2nd 232 / Hallway outside Library WO-WAS-232-357
WAS (Arts & Science) 3rd 332 / Hallway WO-WAS-332-Hallway-357

How Do I Print as a Guest?

Purchase a Guest NOVACard:

  • Visit any deposit terminal.
  • Acquire a Guest NOVACard for $1.

Register Your Guest Card:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click “I am a guest” on the homepage.

Follow Registration Steps: 

  • Complete the guest registration form on the screen.
  • Ensure you add funds to your guest card for printing.

Important Information:

  • Guest accounts are valid for 30 days if no funds are present.
  • After this period, re-register and link your guest card for continued access.

  1. Open the program menu and select Print.
  2. Choose the appropriate print queue for black and white or color printing.
  3. Click the Print icon in your application.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter your username (a valid email address) and password, then click “Print.”


  • For print jobs exceeding 20 pages, a pop-up will appear. Click Print to proceed or Cancel to cancel the job.

Additional Information:

  • If your document is not the standard size (8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14), a pop-up will appear.
  • Read the message and choose “Yes” to submit the print job or “No” to cancel.

NOVACard Association with ACEPrint

  • Obtain your NOVACard before 9:30 a.m.: association at 10:01 a.m.
  • Get your NOVACard from 10:01 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.: association at 2:01 p.m.
  • Obtain your NOVACard after 2:00 p.m.: association the next morning.
  • Manually link your card by tapping ACEPrint and entering your myNOVA or Canvas credentials.

Student/Guest Rates

Black and White

  • One-Sided: $0.12
  • Double-Sided: $0.18


  • One-Sided: $0.30
  • Double-Sided: $0.44

Scan to Email

  • All: $0