Request Electronic Door Access

For students requiring access to practice rooms or classrooms equipped with card readers or Room Reservations, the following process should be followed:

  1. Submission of Student List:

    • The Dean or Assistant Dean should email a list of students to the NOVACard office.
    • The list must include student IDs, room numbers, and card reader codes on the wall next to the door access.
  2. Updates After Drop/Add Period:

    • Deans/Asst. Deans need to provide NOVACard with an updated student list after the drop/add period of each semester.
    • Students not on the final list will have their access removed.
  3. Access Duration:

    • Students on the list will be granted access to the specified studios/classrooms only for the requested semester.
  4. End-of-Semester Access Removal:

    • At the end of each semester, all access for students will be deactivated.
  5. New List for Each Semester:

    • At the beginning of each semester, a new list of students requiring access should be submitted to NOVACard.
  6. Proximity Card Issuance:

    • Students on the list without a proximity card (HID iclass card) must visit the NOVACard office.
    • Bring the current NOVACard for exchange at no additional cost.
    • Students without their current NOVACard will be charged a lost card fee of $10 if it's their first proximity card.
    • First-time NOVACard recipients will not incur any fees.
  7. Proximity Card Replacement Fee:

    • Students should be informed that the replacement fee for a proximity card is $15.