Room Reservations

Room Reservation with NOVA's College Card Access System

Room Reservation enables students to reserve and access special-purpose rooms through NOVA’s college card access system. Each room is equipped with a mounted kiosk and card reader. When the room is available, the kiosk will display 'Available,' and when the room is in use, it will show 'In Use.'

How to Reserve a Room:

  1. Tap the card reader below or beside the iPad kiosk with your card.
  2. The iPad kiosk opens a 'New Reservation' box.
  3. Provide a name for your reservation.
  4. Ensure you are booking the correct room.
  5. Choose the date and start time.
  6. Select the duration of your reservation.
  7. Optionally, invite others and grant them access.
  8. Edit reservation preferences, such as confirmation and reminder settings.
  9. Confirm your reservation.

How to Enter the Room:

  • Your reservation expires after a set time if the door remains unopened.
  • At the reserved time:
    • Tap the door reader with your card.
    • The door should unlock, granting access.
    • Invited individuals may also have access.
  • After your reservation concludes, your card will no longer unlock the room.
  • If you finish early, remember to release your reservation using the kiosk.