Parent Information

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High school students who enroll in NOVA classes on campus, online or through their high school are officially entering college and establishing an official college transcript. In addition to the challenging coursework, students will become more independent. 

Academic Expectations

Professors will provide a course syllabus that tells students exactly what is expected of them, when assignments are due, and how grading will be done. Reading and writing assignments are due on the date given and late work may or may not be accepted. If accepted, it is likely there will be a lower grade assigned. There will be no projects for “extra credit” and there is a firm understanding that students earn grades, and are not “given” grades.

Collegiate coursework requires students to pursue their education in the classroom and on their own. Students are expected to be prepared for each class and should be prepared to offer information, thoughts and ideas to the class discussion. They may be asked to cover controversial topics and to confront questions without easy answers.

It is often expected that students will let their professor know ahead of time if they will be absent. If a student chooses to be absent from the class, he / she will still be responsible for the work due and to may need to get notes from the class from their peers.

Extracurricular activities may conflict with coursework. Help your student determine priorities, and decide if they are ready to take on the extra work and study required in a college course.  


When questions or problems arise, encourage students to deal with the appropriate person. Help students think about how the problem can be approached, what information is needed and how to ask the right questions. If there are already policies regarding the issue, help him / her to find the information on the College website. Together consider the options, the advantages of taking action and the consequence of not taking action.

Students are expected to reach out to their professor if they don’t understand content or expectations. Students should also take advantage of tutoring services offered by the College if needed. 

College professors and other college personnel will not talk with a parent without the permission of and presence of the student. The conversation is between the administrator / faculty member and the student. The parent’s role is to listen, give moral support and summarize information and agreements if needed.

If the results of the meeting are not satisfactory, parents should help the student determine if he /she will accept the decisions or help determine who the student should approach next.

With parental help, students can move from expecting parents to take care of issues and become comfortable as a self-advocate.