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NOVA has an open-door admission policy. Any person 18 years or older with a high school diploma or equivalent can take advantage of our academic opportunities. We also offer dual enrollment to high schoolers. 

NOVA's application for admission is the first step towards enrollment. It's fast, easy and you can save your progress. 

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All students must complete the Application for Admission. However, certain students such as International or Dual Enrollment students may need to complete additional steps before enrolling in classes.  Choose the path that best suits you: 

New Students

You are first time college student or a recent high school graduate. 


You are transferring from another institution. 


You are a veteran, currently enlisted or family connected to a service member.


You are an international student hoping to obtain a F-1 visa to study at NOVA.

DACA & Undocument Students

NOVA welcomes DACA students.

Senior Students

If you are 65+, you may qualify for free tuition.

Dual Enrollment

You are a current high school student and want to get an early start. 

Online Students

You plan on taking all of your classes online.

Application Help

Need help completing the application? Contact us for help.

Next Steps

After sucessful completion of the application, there's much more to do such as meeting with your academic advisor, qualifying for financial aid, exploring payment options and selecting your classes.  Contact your Academic Advisor to get started.