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Contact & Office Information


Name Title Office Phone Email
VACANT Academic Dean 
Dr. Laura Dickson Acting Dean of Nursing  HE 318C 703.822.2034 ldickson@nvcc.edu 
Patricia King Executive Assistant HE 326 703.822.6698 pking@nvcc.edu
Velery Brown Administrative Assistant, 2nd Year HE 318 703.822.6519 vlbrown@nvcc.edu
Suhel Dakwala Administrative  Assistant, Clinicals HE 318 703.822.6649 sdakwala@nvcc.edu
Eric Shaw Administrative Assistant, 1st Year HE 316 703.822.9044 eshaw@nvcc.edu


Name Office Phone Email
Esther Abisogun HE 326C 703.822.2014 eabisogun@nvcc.edu
Dr. Fonya Atabong HE 316E 703.822.2727 fatabong@nvcc.edu
Rita Boamah HE 316C 703.822.2726 rboamah@nvcc.edu
Dr. Candace Cane HE 316B 703.822.6591 ccane@nvcc.edu
Brenda Clark HE 326J 703.822.9051 baclark@nvcc.edu
Georganne Curtin HE 326B 703.822.2088 gecurtin@nvcc.edu
Kenya Fluellen HE 326D 703.822.6581 kfluellen@nvcc.edu
Anne-Mette Harding HE 326F 703.822.6672 agharding@nvcc.edu
Dr. Ann-Marie John HE 316F 703.822.9055 ajohn@nvcc.edu
Dorothea Johnson HE 316D 703.822.2082 dljohnson@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Kane-Glass HE 326E 703.822.2092 ekaneglass@nvcc.edu
Dr. Mary Moseley HE 318C 703.822.6645 mmoseley@nvcc.edu
Dr. Kathryn Patterson HE 318B 703.822.2090 kwpatterson@nvcc.edu
Dr. Mary Pat O’Brien HE 318A 703.822.6586 maobrien@nvcc.edu
Christine Slevin HE 326G 703.822.6643


Ava Smith HE 326H 703.822.2728 avbrown@nvcc.edu

Nursing Skills Laboratory Staff

Name Title Office Phone Email
Angela Brocker Nursing Skills Lab Manager HE 225D 703.822.6592 abrocker@nvcc.edu
Dianne Barrington HE 326C 703.822.6606 dbarrington@nvcc.edu
Mary Ellen Krolman HE 232 703.822.6566 mkrolman@nvcc.edu
Karen Walters HE 232 703.822.2032 kpwalters@nvcc.edu
Dawn Wetmore HE 232 703.822.2025 dwetmore@nvcc.edu

Campus Simulation Center Staff

Name Office Phone Email
Don Johnson HE 160 703.822.6518 djohnson@nvcc.edu

NOTE: Faculty home phone numbers will not be given out. Please leave messages via office voicemail or email. Thank you.