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About Woodbridge

In 1965, Northern Virginia Technical College opened for classes with 761 students in the Carlyn Springs Road warehouse, located in Bailey's Crossroads. The College purchased 109 acres in Woodbridge to accommodate an ever-growing student body in 1967 to build one of six permanent campus sites.

Woodbridge first offered classes in the Fall of 1972 and was originally known as the Southern Campus. Today, the Woodbridge Campus has four academic buildings, sports fields, courts and the Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training. NOVA’s Woodbridge Campus is dedicated to the success of a diverse student population, empowering its faculty and staff, and improving the quality of life in the region it supports.

The Woodbridge Campus offers distinctive programs including Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Cinema/Film & Photography, Cybersecurity, Web Development and English as a Second Language (ESL) in addition to many other degree and certificate programs.

Dr. Sam HillWelcome to the Woodbridge Campus of Northern Virginia Community College. We are pleased that you have chosen us for your educational goals. You will find a variety of programs and courses that will prepare you to successfully continue your education at a four-year university or provide you with the skills to enter a challenging and rewarding career field. These outstanding educational and career preparation programs exist because of the quality of our faculty and staff and our commitment to student success.

This commitment is demonstrated by the accessibility of the faculty and staff, and the variety of available teaching and learning opportunities. The NOVA Gold program, which strengthens basic skills critical to academic success, Internet-based courses, self-paced courses and evening and weekend offerings are a few examples of the Woodbridge commitment to student success and access.

The Woodbridge Campus is also committed to the businesses and employers of Prince William County. The Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development works with businesses to provide customized training which advances employee effectiveness and organizational productivity. The Office is also committed to providing learning opportunities for personal development and enrichment.

As a comprehensive community college, NOVA recognizes its responsibility to be a leader in addressing the educational and economic development needs of the region in an effective and timely manner. This commitment is achieved by being engaged with the community. NOVA is your community college. Your ideas and feedback are welcome at shill@nvcc.edu or 703.878.5751.

Again, thanks for choosing the Woodbridge Campus of NOVA, where we are student centered and community focused.

Sam Hill, Ed.D
Email: shill@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.878.5751
Office: Seefeldt Building, Room 233

The purpose of the Forum Council is to serve as an instrument for the formulation and expression of faculty, student and staff points of view on each campus. The Council usually considers questions relevant to its respective campus and its constituencies. It advises and seeks advice from the Provost of the campus and, through the Provost, to the President of the College. It also communicates with and makes recommendations to campus committees, college committees and/or the College Senate.

2020-2021 Forum Council Membership

Teaching and Professional Faculty:

Breana Bayraktar (2020-2022) - Chair, Senator

Kerry Cotter (2020-2022) – Secretary, Senator

Stephanie Dupal (2019-2021) - Senator

Sara Mendoza (2020-2022) - Senate Alternate

Doug Rhoney (2020-2022) - Senate Alternate

Emily Stinson (2019-2021) - Senate Alternate

Adjunct Faculty:

Christopher Thompson (2019-2021) - Senate Alternate

Admin Faculty:

David Epstein (2019-2021) - Senate Alternate

Stephanie Harm (2020-2022) - Vice Chair, Senator

Classified Staff:

Floriana Fodera (2020-2022) Senate Alternate

Negina Noorzada (2019-2021) Senator



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