Once you place courses in your Planner, you can move the courses directly to the Shopping Cart and then to enrollment. The timing of these steps is controlled by the dates set for the opening of the shopping cart and enrollment period for each term/semester, each student’s individual appointment time and eligibility for enrollment. (You can also enter courses directly into the Shopping Cart for enrollment and bypass using the Planner by going to My Student Information and Enroll.)

Navigation: My Student Information, Academic Planning,  Enrollment Shopping Cart

  1. Select the term for which the shopping cart will be used.
    Click on the Continue button.
  2. To move courses from the Planner to the Shopping Cart, click the My Planner button and then Search. If you are already registered for classes during the term you are searching in the shopping cart, your classes will be listed under My Year/Term Class Schedule.
  3. The Shopping Cart will appear on the screen, and courses in My Planner will appear if available for the upcoming term.
    To move a course in any term (Example: 2015 Spring) into the Shopping Cart, click the Select button on the right side of the grid.
  4. Confirm that the course and section are correct and that the course is Open, and click the Select button on the right.
  5. If a permission number is required, it can be entered here. If the class is Closed, a student can check the Wait list if class is full box.
    Click Next to move the course to the Shopping Cart and start enrollment.
  6. Select the class by checking the box. Then click on the enroll button on the right-hand side of the page.
    NOTE: A class number can be entered to add a class to the Cart.
  7. Confirm the class is correct. Then click on Finish Enrolling.
  8. green check indicates that the enrollment is successful and the class is added to the schedule.
    Click on Add Another Class to continue enrollment.
  9. If the enrollment period is not open, the enrollment will not be processed.
  10. red x indicates that the enrollment was not successful. A message will explain.