Plan by My Requirements

You must log in My Student Information to use the interactive advising reports in planning and enrollment. Your advisor can also view your interactive advising report and a form of the interactive planner report using their Advisor Center.

  1. Log in to myNOVA and click SIS: Student Information Center
  2. Click My Student Information
  3. On the left dropdown of Academic Planning, click My Planner.
  4. Click on Plan.
  5. Click on Plan by My Requirements.
  6. The interactive advising report will appear.
    Scroll through the report to find a requirement that is not satisfied and select a course from the course grid that will satisfy the requirement OR click on the expand all button to see all requirements and the status of each.
  7. Check in the When column to see when the course is typically offered.
  8. Click on one of the courses in the course grid – ENG 112, for example. Most courses have the option to view multiple offerings since many classes are offered at more than one campus at NOVA.
  9. Click on the campus row to find information about the class and when the class may be scheduled at that campus for a specific term. The next page, which appears, provides Course Detail information such as units (credits), grading basis, a description and prerequisites, if any exist.
  10. Click on the view class sections link.
  11. Be sure to select the TERM for which information is requested. (This will not necessarily default to the term you wish to enroll.) Use the drop-down arrow to select the term and then click Show Sections to find courses offered for the term selected.
    Class section information is displayed, including multiple sections if available.
  12. Confirm the Open status and click the section link for further information on an open class section. Example: 001W-LEC (14236)

    NOTE: If you select a term for which enrollment is not yet available, the following message will appear: You are not eligible to enroll in .... at this time.

    However, you can still add this course to your Planner.
    More information regarding the class section is displayed, including meeting information, class availability, and a course description.
  13. To move the selected course into your Planner, click Add to Planner.
  14. Click Return to Select Course Offering and then Return to Plan by My Requirements, and repeat the process until all the desired courses are added to the Planner.
  15. Courses remain in the Planner until you select them for enrollment. If you decide not to enroll in a course in the Planner, you should delete it. You are responsible for maintaining the courses in your Planner. This will assist you and your advisor in accurately projecting your degree requirements' completion.
  16. Courses that have been placed in your Planner will appear with a blue star in the Status column.
  17. You may print your planner report by clicking view report as. PDF.