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About the Program

NOVA Workforce Practical Nursing (PN) Certificate program prepares students for licensure to work as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). The program's vision is to become the gold standard for excellence in evidenced-based practical nursing education in Virginia. The program will implement innovative approaches to education to meet the diverse needs of our students and community. Graduates of the NOVA Practical Nurse program will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful as healthcare providers and academically prepared to be able to continue their nursing education into advanced nurse training in the future. The program has been approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

Transfer credits may not be accepted at this time.

Program Details

LPN is a full-time program located at NOVA's Reston Technology Center with various days, times, and occasional weekend clinical shifts. Candidates will need to have an open and flexible schedule and reliable transportation. Additional information regarding the program can be found in the LPN Information & Application Portal (See Apply to the Program tab below).

General Admission Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Submit a high school, GED or college degree
  • Hold a current unrestricted Virginia CNA License.
  • Successfully completed four sections of the ATI-TEAS Version 7 Nursing tests(R): Reading, Math, Science, and English. Scores must be proficient or higher; developmental and basic scores will not be accepted.
  • Submit a clean Criminal Background Check / Drug Screen / Immunizations / History & Physical.
  • Submit a Resume.
  • Submit any current and active certifications you may hold, such as BLS/CPR, CCMA, Registered Medication Aide, Phlebotomy Tech, etc.

Acceptance letters will be emailed to students after the application window has closed (see application portal for dates). Students will have the option to apply for financial assistance and a payment plan once accepted to the program.

  • Transition beyond CNA (65 total hours)
  • Medication Aide for Practical Nursing (71 total hours)
  • Phlebotomy for Practical Nursing (63 total hours)
  • Pharmacology for Practical Nursing (134 total hours)
  • Structure and Function for Practical Nursing (102 total hours)
  • Fundamentals for Practical Nursing 1 (324 total hours)
  • Medical Assisting for Practical Nursing (40 total hours)
  • Fundamentals for Practical Nursing 2 (182 total hours)
  • Fundamentals for Practical Nursing 3 (302 total hours)
  • Transition to Practical Nursing Practice-Capstone (30 total hours)

Payment plans and scholarships are currently under development and more info will be sent via email.

Prior to admissions the following expenses incurred by the student are:

  • Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening (prices vary)
  • TEAS Nursing Test at PSI Center - $115
  • TEAS Nursing Test at Home via Remote Proctor - $120
  • Completed History & Physical and Immunization (prices vary)

After acceptance into the program the following expenses incurred by the student are:

  • ATI Digital Learning Management Platform and Textbooks - $2,200 (Payment plan available).
  • Liability Insurance - $35
  • Uniforms, shoes and watch - $100
  • Medication Aide Exam Fee - $120
  • NCLEX PN Exam Fee - $200
  • State Licensure Application and Fees - $205

Program Tuition:

  • Full Tuition - $21,533
  • FastForward* Tuition - $17,028
  • FANTIC/G3* Tuition - $14,825

*The LPN Program includes three FastForward-approved classes: Medication Aide, Phlebotomy, and Medical Assisting (CCMA). These classes qualify for FastForward funding and additional financial assistance through FANTIC/G3. These funding sources can reduce the overall cost of the program. Eligible students will have the option to apply for this funding once approved for the LPN program.

Monthly payment plans and scholarships are available.

Information and Application Portal

FAQs, scholarship information, and more program details may be found in the Practical Nursing Information and Application Portal.

Applications are being accepted now through April 12, 2024.

Information and Application Portal

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