NOVA's Office of Institutional Research (OIR) administers surveys to support faculty, staff, students, and graduates. Internal surveys are conducted by the College. External surveys are administered in conjunction with outside entities including the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE). Survey results pertaining to NOVA that are available for public review are found on the OIR website under Research Reports.

Campus Climate Surveys

2020 Campus Climate Survey

NOVA partnered with INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine to administer the Viewfinder Campus Climate Survey to College administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The survey addressed issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at NOVA.

Student Surveys

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

CCSSE is a nationwide survey of community college students that gathers information for improving student engagement, performance, and persistence.

New Student Orientation Survey

The New Student Orientation Survey collects information for improving NOVA's new student orientation program.

Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE)

SENSE is a nationwide survey that gathers information from new community college students during their first weeks of college. The results help NOVA to identify early obstacles to student progress and improve practices at the College, thereby increasing student success in the first year.

Alumni Surveys

Graduate Survey

The Graduate Survey asks recent NOVA graduates about their experiences while attending the College.

Non-Returning Student Survey

The Non-Returning Student Survey collects information about the reasons for some students' early departure from NOVA, as well as their plans to return to college.

Faculty and Staff Surveys

Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE)

CCFSSE is a nationwide survey of faculty members’ teaching practices, as well as their perceptions of students’ experiences in college.