Research Reports Search Tool

College Readiness and Enrollment
Research reports about students’ access to NOVA, including admissions, advising, new student orientation, admissions, registration, enrollment and enrollment trends, dual enrollment, college readiness, and developmental course placement.

Persistence, Completion, and Transfer
Research reports about student persistence/retention, success, completion/graduation, and transfer, including GPA, credit hours, academic status, student success in developmental and gatekeeper courses, and degrees and awards.

College to Career
Research reports about employment, job placement, licensing exams, and workforce development.

Strategic and Performance Indicators
Research reports about NOVA and the Northern Virginia region (e.g., high school, economic, population, and ZIP code data), survey research results, and student success programs, including Achieving the Dream.

Institutional Planning
Research reports about College planning, including classroom utilization, College and Campus facilities, and resources for faculty, advisors, and students.