Diagram showing the division of student success as Inquiry, Evidence, Action, and EquityNOVA is moving from data to information to action with a College-wide data coaching model designed to bring data to practitioners to influence frontline, data-driven decisions.

Program Overview

Data Close to Practice is a data coaching model developed in support of NOVA’s commitment to equity and evidence-based decision making. By building a collaborative partnership between OIR and campus-/unit-based practitioners, the program improves access to data while empowering frontline faculty and staff to use data to inform practices, policies, and programs. Through a sustained, multi-year focus on data access and literacy, the program helps NOVA practitioners to build a culture of data inquiry and evidence-based decision making. These efforts will support the College-wide goal of identifying and closing equity gaps and moving the needle on student success.

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Program Goals

  • Support a cross-functional, campus- and unit-based, team-led process
  • Improve data literacy at all levels of the College
  • Democratize data by reducing barriers to access and providing data directly to practitioners
  • Foster a culture of data inquiry and evidence by empowering practitioners to access, understand, and use data on their own
  • Advocate for, host, and lead collaborative, collegial, and courageous data-driven discussions
  • Employ data to lead and affect cultural and institutional transformation
  • Identify equity gaps in student success outcomes
  • Identify practices, policies, and programs to close equity gaps and help every student succeed