Core Learning Outcome Rubrics Additional Resources on Assessing the CLO
Civic Engagement   Student Civic Learning Outcomes Rubric Assessing Civic Engagement and Competency in Higher Education
Civic Engagement Outcomes Rubric Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement  (website)
Participation in Government Rubric
Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum for Public Writing  
Critical Thinking Analytical Skills Rubric Assessing Critical Thinking inCommunity Colleges
Critical Thinking Rubric (Aims Community College) Critical Thinking via John Dewey (academic resource)
Critical Thinking Rubric (Kaplan Career Academy)
Critical Thinking Rubric for Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Professional Readiness Career Readiness Competencies Best Practices in Soft Skills Assessment
Career Readiness Rubric Fulfilling the American Dream and the Future of Work (useful data beings around p. 12) (white paper)
Ohio Job Readiness Seal Rubric
Soft Skills Grading Rubric
Soft Skills Rubric
Student Oral Presentation Rubric
Team Membership Rubric 
Quantitative Literacy A Rubric for Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Written Arguments Quantitative Literacy Information Page (Michigan State University)
Numeracy Rubric and Suggested Uses (DOC) National Numeracy Teaching Resources (website)
Quantitative Literacy Rubric  
Quantitative Literacy SLO Rubric  
Quantitative Reasoning Rubric  
Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Rubric  
Scientific Literacy Scientific Literacy Evaluation Rubric Assessing Scientific Literacy (Bard College)  
Scientific Literacy Core Learning Outcome Rubric Developing a Test of Scientific Literacy Skills (academic essay)
Science and Engineering Practice Rubric  
Scientific Literacy Rubric  
Written Communication Clinical Writing Rubric Conference on College Composition and Communication Position Statement
Evidence-Based Writing Rubric Journal of Writing Assessment (online journal)
US History Writing Rubric  
Written Communication Rubric  
Written Communications Rubric (UMass Lowell)  
Writing Effectiveness Rubric (DOC)  

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