Planning & Assessment

The assessment area, a part of the Office of Strategic Insights, provides leadership and coordination for assessment activities college-wide. Initiatives include academic program and discipline review, annual planning, and evaluation of student learning outcomes, core learning outcomes assessment (general education), and administrative units planning and evaluation.

The focus of planning and assessment is on the continuous improvement of student learning outcomes and includes the review of all academic programs that award a degree or certificate, as well as classroom-based assessment and research. The unit serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and administration engaged in planning and assessment activities at NOVA.

Four subunits located under planning and assessment are Academic Program and Discipline ReviewStudent Learning Outcomes AssessmentCore Learning Outcomes Assessment, and Administrative Unit Planning and Evaluation.

Dr. James Williams is the Director of Continuous Improvement and provides College-wide leadership and support for planning and assessment at NOVA.

Our Team

Dr. James Williams
Director of Continuous Improvement,
Planning and Assessment

Dr. Diana Bharucha
Senior Research Analyst,
Administrative Unit Planning and Evaluation

Nidhi Mittal
Planning and Evaluation Analyst

Deborah Rosen
Assessment Specialist