Employment Verifications

The HR Admin team handles requests for verification of employment. The estimated turnaround time is 24-48 business hours.

  • All types of written employment verification requests can be emailed to HR Admin team at HRadmin@nvcc.edu or faxed to 703-323-3155.
  • Income breakdown verifications/salary verifications can be addressed to askpayroll@nvcc.edu.
  • Verbal verifications may be completed by calling 703.323.3110.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Forms (PSLF):
There are 2 options for Employees to submit the PSLF:


  • Complete page one of the application and SIGN at the bottom.
  • SSN may be left off the form.
  • Email the form to HRadmin@nvcc.edu.
  • Please do not complete page 2, (Employer Information and Certification), HR Admin will complete page 2 and return it to the employee.
  • Employee is responsible for submission of the form.