Course Substitution

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Course Substitution Requests

Students at NOVA may, under specific circumstances, request a substitution for a required course in their program. This process ensures that the integrity of the program is maintained. If you're an advisor initiating a substitution request, follow these steps to navigate the online Course Substitution Form.

Before You Begin:

  1. Check the Degree Progress Report to confirm if a substitution is necessary.
  2. Submissions should be made promptly; don't wait until graduation application.

Initiating a Substitution Request:

  1. Only an advisor can submit the substitution form. Students must request approval from their advisor.
  2. Access the password-protected form and follow these login instructions:
    • Type nvcc\ before your Username (e.g., nvcc\jdoe).
    • Use your NOVA office computer Username and Password (not NOVAConnect/SIS/AIS credentials).
  3. Enter the student’s information, along with the course details and the reason for substitution.
  4. Select the approving deans from the drop-down menus.
  5. Click "Submit" to send the form for review.

After Submission:

For Advisors:

  1. Receive a confirmation email titled "Online Course Substitution Confirmation."
  2. Use the email to track approval progress by clicking the provided URL.
  3. Once deans approve or disapprove, check the status on the form.

For Deans:

  1. Receive an email titled "Approving Course Substitutions Email Notification."
  2. Use the email link to approve or disapprove the course.
  3. Log in with the format nvcc\your nvcc username and your password.
  4. Click "Approve" or "Disapprove," providing an explanation for the latter.
  5. If you receive two emails, respond to both.

Final Steps:

  1. Once both deans respond, the form goes to the Central Records Office (CRO).
  2. If approved, the substitution is posted to the student’s record.

Helpful Links:

  • FAQ - Access the FAQ section for additional guidance.
  • Complete the Course Substitution Form - Navigate to the Course Substitution Form.

If you encounter issues or need further assistance, refer to the provided links or contact the Central Records Office.