M. Siddique Sheikh

M. Siddique Sheikh

M. Siddique-Sheikh

Mr. Mohammad Siddique Sheikh is a renowned businessman and enjoys wide respect among the business and political circles. Born and raised in Gujranwala, Pakistan, he moved to the United States about 50 years ago and has since represented the country as a successful entrepreneur. He currently heads a conglomerate of wide-ranging businesses. He has also been on board of several academic and business institutions, including George Mason University, Virginia’s largest public research institution. He founded Pakistan American Business Association in 1980s, which is now a representative body of entrepreneurs of Pakistani-origin. PABA was the first association of Pakistani Americans, or from Pakistan, to perform the Opening Bell ceremony last year at NASDAQ – the world’s trading hub – to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day. The event was a resounding success and was given a wide coverage by the Pakistani and US media. PABA was again invited to perform the Closing Bell ceremony at NASDAQ to celebrate the Independence Day in 2016, an honor that is rarely given to any company or organization.

Community Service

Mr. Sheikh has established himself as a selfless and dedicated person to the cause of Pakistani American community in the larger Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that also includes the Commonwealth State of Virginia and Maryland. His untiring efforts have significantly contributed to bring together Pakistani Americans as a cohesive community. He has been a torch-bearer in promoting Pakistan’s soft image in the United States. A brief summary of Mr. Sheikh’s community service follows as under:

  • He founded PABA in 1986 to promote business linkages between Pakistan and the United States, and has since served the organization as Chairman, President and Executive Director. With a growing membership, both in the US as well as in Pakistan, PABA has become a representative body of Pakistani American entrepreneurs.
  • He is founding member of Muslim Community Center in the state of Maryland which offers free medical services to Muslim communities in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area.
  • Founding member of ICNA Sunday School for Muslim communities residing in DC metro area.
  • After the September 11’s horrific attack, he led from the front and coordinated efforts with the Pakistani Embassy to dispel misperception about Pakistan and its moderate culture which welcomes and respect all religions and communities world at large. Mr. Sheikh led various delegations in meetings with officials of the US State Department, Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization Services to ensure safety and fair treatment of all Pakistanis living in the United States. His efforts continue to this date with same zeal and commitment.
  • In the education field, Mr. Sheikh has been a persuasive force in promoting linkages between the higher institutions of excellence of Pakistan and the United States. As a member of Board of Visitors of George Mason University, Virginia and Pakistan’s NUST, he led an effort to create opportunities for NUST faculty and students to study at GMU through various programs. He also played an active role in promoting cooperation between GMU and University of Karachi, and the two institutions are now working on various initiatives. He has also been a great source of strength and financial support to Pakistani students at GMU, George Washington University, and Northern Virginia Community College.
  • He was appointed as member of NUST’s International Advisory Board in recognition of his services for Pakistani students and for promoting linkages between institutions of higher excellence of Pakistan and the United States.
  • He was appointed as member on the Board of Visitors of George Mason University by the governor of Virginia, a post he held until this year.
  • Both as a practicing Muslim and a philanthropist, Mr. Sheikh led and contributed to numerous initiatives dedicated to the development of Pakistani American community. He is a generous contributor to development of various mosques in Virginia.

Acknowledgement at State Level

Mr. Sheikh’s services has been acknowledged at various levels in the state of Virginia. He was appointed member of the Transportation Accountability Commission in 2006 by the then governor Tim Kaine. Mr. Sheikh was also a founding member of Virginia Lottery that bespeaks of the trust and commitment reposed in him by the State. He is currently a Representative of Fairfax County’s Chairman on the Economic Advisory Commission. He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Diversity Council of the Fairfax County Police Department to promote diversity and create a liaison between police and various communities. He also serves on the Diversity Committee of the Fairfax County. More recently, Mr. Sheikh was appointed as the board member of the BB&T Bank, nationwide and member of the BB&T’s Regional Multicultural Advisory Committee.


He heads a conglomerate of wide-ranging businesses in Virginia and is also the president of Nationwide Tire and Auto, a successful national umbrella company. Additionally, he is an investor and board members of companies in the areas of banking, real estate, motels and insurance.

Other Information

  • Served as Chairman of the Board of Virginia International University
  • Previously Appointed on the Board of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation by Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • One of three individuals in the U.S. nominated in 2006 for the distinguished President of Pakistan Award
  • Actively involved in promoting interfaith harmony
  • Promoting and Supporting linkages among multicultural communities
  • Organized Job Fair in 2002 and 2005 in collaboration with US companies
  • Helped community members get internship at Capitol Hill and in other institutions
  • Organized a PABA convention/seminar in Islamabad in 2004 which was attended by the then Prime Minister, which led to signing of 9 MoUs between USA, UK and Germany which were later turned into agreements.


Mr. Sheikh plays soccer regularly and has coached on a volunteer basis soccer teams of 7th and 8th grade of Fairfax County Schools between 1976 and 1977. He is a father of four children and grandfather of 10.

Mr. Sheikh has represented Pakistan as its true ambassador and is playing a pivotal role in bridging gaps between Pakistan and the United States and their people. His efforts have contributed to dispel many misperceptions about his motherland and the people, and the Pakistani American community now stands out as a responsible entity which is playing its due role in development of their adopted county.