Carolyn Welch


Carolyn Welch has been a resident of Falls Church City for 23 years. She is honored to have been appointed to the NOVA College Board by the Falls Church City Council in January 2022 to support the advancement of one of the region's valuable educational institutions.

Carolyn has more than 30 years of experience with the Federal Reserve in policy and analysis of consumer protection in financial services and community economic development. Throughout her career, she has engaged in the development and implementation of policies to ensure financial institutions comply with laws that govern fair lending and access to credit and banking services, including implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act that promotes capital investment for affordable housing, small businesses, and banking services in lower-income communities. Carolyn has also worked to advance financial education, collaborating with other federal agencies to develop the founding strategic plan for the Financial Literacy and Education Commission. As chief of staff for the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, she supports initiatives to ensure that officials are informed of key issues involving consumer financial services to support their roles in policy making and public engagements. She also co-leads strategic planning and communications initiatives for her division.

Carolyn holds a degree in Finance from West Virginia University and is a graduate of the Maryland State Bankers School.