Career Development

Resource Guides

Resource guides for each career stage are provided below. Explore and complete the appropriate guide prior to your appointment. The guides are designed to increase general career awareness and may be required as part of the scheduling process.

Stage 1: Understanding Self

Career Assessments are an important part of the career development process and a great way to explore how your skills, interests, values, and personality type impact how you make decisions about the major/career you choose to pursue.

Review and complete the Stage 1: Understanding Self Worksheet.

Helpful Resources for Understanding Self

Stage 2: Exploring Careers & Majors

Learn more about potential career fields that best fit your interests, skills, values, and personality by conducting research. Exposure, self-awareness and understanding the world of work are key components to identifying "best fit" career options.

Helpful Resources for Exploring Careers and Majors

Stage 3: Decide & Plan

Career development and management is a continuous, lifelong process that requires a clear understanding of self and goal setting. Once an individual has identified potential "best fit" career options, please review and complete the Stage 3: Decide and Plan Worksheet to create a career action plan.

Helpful Resources for Decide & Plan

Stage 4: Employment Preparation

Employment preparation begins with the identification of suitable job leads. Once a job has been found, a resume is written to connect the job seeker's background and skills to the specific job opening. Employment leads can be found by searching for relevant employers and positions within NOVA's Career Connection portal. Preparation for interviews should include the Mock interview feature within Career Connection.

Helpful Resources for Employment Preparation