Nighthawk Ready in 1, 2, 3

Get Ready. Get Set. Be Bold.

Follow the Steps to Success at NOVA

Step 1: Watch an Enrollment Prep Workshop

The Enrollment Prep presentation includes information on:

  • Direct Enrollment Survey to determine English (ENG) and Math (MTH) placement
  • How to access myNOVA
  • How to interpret degree requirements
  • Student registration system and creating your first-semester schedule 

Step 2: Complete New2NOVA

This virtual orientation program is for all new NOVA students. You will learn about:

  • Academic Programs
  • Policies & Procedures
  • How to enroll in classes
  • Valuable services and resources for your first semester

Step 3: Participate in an Advising 100 Session

  • Click to join an Advising 100 session that best matches your selected program of study.
  • Fine-tune your schedule from Step 1