Academic Success Counseling

About Academic Success Counseling

Counselors assess and evaluate student challenges and provide resources for improvement toward successful academic and personal outcomes. They implement interventions and strategies that enable students to manage and overcome barriers to academic and personal success. 

Academic Probation

If you have an Academic Probation hold (APB) on your student record, don't worry! We are here to help you. To get started, you should know some important information about your academic standing and how you can plan for future success. Follow the steps below to address the issue and move forward:

  1. Enroll in the PASS Canvas Site.
  2. Go to Modules and complete the First Time on Academic Probation or Second Semester+ on Academic Probation module as appropriate to your situation.

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, a counselor will make the necessary changes to your registration hold so that you can register for the current or upcoming semester. However, please note that the hold will not be removed until you meet the College's GPA requirement. 

We strongly encourage students on academic probation to follow the instructions mentioned above before starting a semester.

Scheduling Appointments

Navigate is the primary online resource for scheduling appointments with counselors for Academic Probation Support (individual meetings) and PASS Sessions (group meetings). Please be prepared to sign up for a PASS Session during the following months: January, August, Early September, and December. Students are expected to complete the appropriate Modules in the PASS Canvas Site (see Academic Probation above) before requesting an appointment.

You may expect to receive messages and appointment campaigns when assigned a counselor. If an appointment with your designated counselor is unavailable, you can schedule a meeting with any available counselor at the College.

If you have any questions, contact the Counseling Department of your primary campus or location.

Academic Suspension and Dismissal

if you have been Academically Dismissed or Suspended and would like to petition for reinstatement (after the separation period has been completed):

  1. Review the academic standing policy and complete the Reinstatement Request Form [125-027].
  2. Schedule your Reinstatement Meeting: After completing and submitting the online form, the Dean of Student Success or designee will contact you to schedule your reinstatement meeting. Please check your student email.

If you have questions about the policy and/or reinstatement process, please email the Counseling Department at your primary campus.