Disability Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

The department may request disability documentation from a licensed or certified professional when considering an application for accommodations. Such documentation can be used to establish the existence of a disability, describe functional limitations, and recommend accommodations. An accommodation will not be considered reasonable if it creates a fundamental alteration to a program or service, even if a testing or treating practitioner recommends it.

Documentation should include:

  • the name, address, title and professional credentials of the person completing the evaluation (ex., licensed psychologist, medical doctor) and the area of specialization;
  • test, methods and/or criteria used, and when available, both the summary and specific test scores;
  • the nature of functional limitations, and
  • the current impact of the impairment on your ability to participate in NOVA's educational programs and services;
  • and recommendation(s) of accommodations

The department may request information, including but not limited to:

  • one's description of their needs,
  • educational records from high school (eligibility testing, IEPs or 504 Plans),
  • formal psychological or medical evaluations,
  • letters from past medical, educational, or other service providers and
  • records of past accommodations and services from another college, high stakes testing organization, or local or state agency.

Documentation must be relevant to the requested accommodation(s). All documentation submitted to Accommodations and Accessibility Services is kept strictly confidential.