NOVA Clery Geography

The Department of Education requires statistical data to be included within the Annual Security report from three distinct Clery geography locations. NOVA has to comply with three reportable statistical locations since the institution does not currently have on-campus dorms or on-campus student housing.

On-Campus: The Department of Educations provided two separate three-prong tests to determine if locations should be considered on-campus.

1. Locations are considered to be on-campus if:

  • the institution owns or controls them
  • they are reasonably contiguous to one another
  • they directly support or relate to the institutions educational purposes

2. Locations are also considered to be on-campus if:

  • the institution owns, but does not control them
  • they are frequently used by students
  • they are used to support the institution's educational purposes

Examples of On-Campus Property: NOVA's campuses like Annandale Campus and NOVA's centers like the Manassas Innovation Park and the Reston Center.

Public Property: Under Clery, public property encompasses the following: All public property, including thoroughfares, streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities, that are within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

Example: The sidewalk adjacent to campus property, the street and the median are included within public property statistics.

Non-Campus: The first part of the Clery non-campus definition is any building or property owned or controlled by a student organization that is officially recognized by the institution. Also, any building or property owned or controlled by an institution that is used in direct support of, or in relation to, the institution’s educational purposes, is frequently used by students and is not within the same reasonably close geographic area of the institution. 

The Clery non-campus definition also includes a second definition which must be complied with under a four-prong test.

Non-Campus Property:

  • is owned or controlled by the institution
  • supports or is used for the institution’s educational purposes
  • is frequently used by students
  • is not considered part of the core campus

Examples of Non-Campus Properties: Activities associated with Global Studies, Student Athletics, Student Clubs and Physical Education classes.