Long Nguyen & Kimmy Duong Theater

The Long Nguyen & Kimmy Duong Theater can seat up to 520 people and has modern lighting, sound and projection capabilities. The theater also has separate dressing rooms for men and women, each with bathrooms, showers and lockers. In addition, there is a green room with a refrigerator that can be used as a dressing room. There is also a wardrobe room with a washer and dryer and a scene shop for show storage. The dressing rooms, green room and wardrobe room all have audio and video monitoring of the theater.

The Long Nguyen & Kimmy Duong Theater has all the equipment necessary to make your meetings, presentations or performances run smoothly and look professional. This includes projection equipment, versatile lighting, a sound system with a CD/MP3 player and a variety of microphones, two followspots, podiums/lecterns, a Marley-style dance floor, a Yamaha grand piano and more. Our technical staff is experienced in all types of events and theater productions and will make sure your event is the best it can be, while ensuring the safety of all involved.

NOTE: No construction tools or supplies are available.

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Pricing & Dimensions

Capacity & Style

Balcony Seating (upper) 138 seats, including 4 wheelchair spaces
Orchestra Seating (lower) 382 seats, including 8 wheelchair spaces
Total Capacity 520 seats plus 12 wheelchair spaces


The Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center is in the process of updating all of its pricing. To obtain a quote, please call our office at 703.323.3159.

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Opening: 16'-8" high x 38'-5" wide
Stage Height Above Auditorium Floor: 3'-6"
Front Lip to Back Wall: 34'-0"
Front Lip to Plaster Line: 11'-10"
Front Lip to Act Curtain: 13'-6" approximate
Front Lip to Sky Drop: 29'-8"
Plaster Line to Back Wall: 22'-2"
Stage Left Wall to Proscenium Opening: 16'-0 "x 20' high
Stage Right Wall to Proscenium Opening: 20'-6 x 25' high
Orchestra Pit Cover: 7'-10" x approximate 40" wide x 8'-6" deep


Fly Tower: Approximately 46' wide and 42' high with no grid
Act Curtain: red velour, manual counterweight, can be flown from stage left or traveled from stage right

There are 12 single-speed motorized line sets controlled from a panel stage left. Batten distances upstage of the plaster line and their uses are as follows:

  • 3'-3" electric #1 - down light, back light, pipe ends, work lights, upstage front light, specials
  • 5 "-2" empty batten
  • 6'-1" empty batten
  • 7'-6" movie screen, front or rear projection 15'-6 "Hx20'-6" W
  • 8'-4" empty batten
  • 9'-2" full-stage black traveler curtain
  • 11'-9" electric #2 – down light, back light, pipe ends, work lights, specials
  • 14'-1" empty batten
  • 15'-4" electric #3 – four cell L&E Broad Cyc lights, back lights
  • 16'-6" empty batten
  • 17'-3" full-stage black curtain (6 removable panels)
  • 18'-2" full-stage white cyclorama (20'x42')

Lighting Equipment

Control Room: Located in the center rear of the auditorium, access from house right sound lock
System: ETC Element 500
Dimmers: Lee Colortran ENR dual 2.4K dimmer modules in two ENR 96 racks. The system is dimmer per circuit, 192 circuits, 15 of which are house lights.

Lighting Fixtures

(some older instruments not included)

10 ETC Source 4 36° Down light specials 575 W
30 ETC Source 4 26° Front lights and breakup wash 575 W
5 ETC Source 4 19° (with irises) Front light specials 575 W
8 15 to 40-degree zoom Catwalk pipe ends 750 W
30 ETC Source 4 PAR XWFL 1st and 2nd electric down lights 575 W
10 8" Fresnel 3rd electric back lights 1500 W
4 14" Scoops Over stage work lights 750 W
6 L&E Broad Cyc, 4 cell (RGBA) Cyc lights 1000 W
20 Altman 3.5Q Side lights 500 W
18 Strand 6x9" Ellipsoidal Side lights and pipe ends 500 W
4 ETC Source 4 Jr. zoom 26°-50° Miscellaneous specials 575 W


Control: The enclosed control booth is located at the rear of the main floor of the auditorium.
Systems: There is a Telex 4-channel headset system with 6-single ear headsets and 5 belt packs. There are plugs stage left and right, in the pit, on the back wall of the auditorium, at the follow spot booths in the balcony and various other locations. There is a monitor system that can distribute sound on stage and announcements to the dressing rooms and a number of other locations.

There is a theater sound system designed to provide quality sound to the auditorium. It consists of the following components:

  • Allen & Heath GL2400 32 channel mixer
  • 2 JBL MRX 500 speaker clusters floor mounted on lower level
  • QSC 4050HD amp for main house speakers
  • QSC 5050 amp for main house subwoofers
  • 4 Shure SM 57 microphones
  • 6 Shure SM 58 microphones
  • 4 Shure SM-58 wireless handheld microphones
  • 3 Sabine wireless handheld microphones
  • 3 Sabine wireless lavalier microphones
  • Denon DN-D4500 dual deck CD player
  • 1/8" iPod/computer input
  • TELEX/Clear-Com hybrid headset communication system. 8 Clear-Com belt packs utilizing a TELEX main receiver in the control room. Headset locations include 4 positions back stage, 2 positions in the balcony, 1 position in the orchestra seating (tech table), 1 position in the orchestra pit, control room, art galleries, dressing rooms, wardrobe, green room and scene shop.

Crossover, compressor, equalizer, patch panel, etc. together with mic inputs and speaker outputs are at several locations backstage and in the house.

Dressing Rooms

Women's: 326 sq. ft., 2 sinks, 2 showers (1 handicapped), 1 toilet for handicapped, 26 lockers 1'x3' and 33' of make-up counter backed with lighted mirrors. Includes audio and video monitoring of stage.
Men's: 243 sq. ft., 1 sink, 1 shower, 1 toilet for handicapped, 16 lockers and 28' of make-up counter backed with lighted mirrors. Includes audio and video monitoring of stage.
Wardrobe Room: 133 sq. ft., heavy-duty washer and dryer, counter space, ironing board and iron; there are no other costume supplies or equipment on site. Includes audio and video monitoring of stage.

Green Room

A 256 sq. ft. room furnished with chairs, tables and audio and video monitoring of stage. It can be used as an additional dressing room.

Scene Shop

This is a 555 sq. ft. room, off-stage right adjacent to the loading door that serves as a storage room for theater equipment and incoming shows. There are no construction tools or supplies on site.

Loading Docks

Two loading docks are on the east wing (theater side) of the building. The first has a 6'6" wide by 8'2" high rolling door, provides direct access to the stage and can accommodate a 26' truck. The second loading dock has double doors and provides access to the art galleries and backstage hallways –- this dock accommodates smaller trucks, cars and vans.

The Ernst Community Cultural Center requires a minimum three-hour booking. Additional charges apply for use of equipment, an administrative fee, parking and labor.