Our seminar rooms are perfect for training programs, meetings, testing and classes. The rooms are divided into four sections -- A, B, C and D, that you can use individually, or as one large room. Each of the seminar rooms have a blackboard, screen and Internet ready-access. Seminar rooms are carpeted and have a great view of the Cultural Center patio.

The Ernst Community Cultural Center will provide you with the necessary equipment for your meetings or training sessions such as Computer on Wheels (COW), overhead projector, podium, VCR and monitor, and slide projector.

Ernst seminar room1
Ernst seminar room 2
Ernst seminar room3

Dimensions and Pricing

Capacity and Style

Each Seminar
Classroom Style 20 people
Theater Style 30 people
Seminar A-D
Classroom Style 75 people
Theater Style 120 people
Two Rooms (facing blackboards)
Classroom Style 40 people
Theater Style 55 people
Two Rooms (facing east/west)
Classroom Style 36 people
Theater Style 55 people


Each Seminar Room 12' x 25'
Seminars A, B, C and D 1,466 square feet


The Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center is in the process of updating all of its pricing. To obtain a quote, please call our office at 703.323.3159.