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Application Requirements & Deadlines

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The Health Sciences and Nursing programs have a separate process to apply after application to NOVA. Refer to the dates below to determine when you may submit an online Health Sciences and Nursing application after you have completed and met all application requirements.

HSN Program HSN Application opens at midnight on: HSN Application closes at 11:59 pm on:
Clinical Data Coding April 1 April 15
Dental Assisting May 1 May 15
Dental Hygiene February 1 February 15
Diagnostic Medical Sonography May 1 May 15
Emergency Medical Services Apply any time Apply any time
Health Information Management April 1 April 15
Medical Laboratory Assisting February 15 March 1
Medical Laboratory Technology February 15 March 1
Nursing March 1 (August start)
September 1 (January start)
March 15 (August start)
September 15 (January start)
Occupational Therapy Assistant May 1 May 15
Phlebotomy February 15 (August start)
September 1 (January start)
March 1 (August start)
September 10 (January start)
Physical Therapist Assistant March 1 March 15
A second window will be opened if the program does not fill:
May 1 May 15
Radiography April 1 April 15
Respiratory Therapy May 15 May 31
Radiation Oncology Application packets must be submitted directly to Virginia Western Community College from October 1 to March 15. Virginia Western will review all applications and contact applicants for an interview.

*Please note that, per VCCS policy, a previous grade of a “P+” denotes that the student passed the course with a grade of a “C” or higher. Also, a previous grade of a “P-“ denotes that the student passed the course with a grade of a “D.” As per this policy, a grade of a “P+” or “P-“ will not impact the student’s GPA. In the competitive admissions process, a “P+” translates into a letter grade of a “C.”

Clinical Requirements

Additional requirements must be met to attend clinicals. They are not needed to apply. More information about these requirements are provided to students after acceptance to the program. These include but are not limited to:

The Criminal Background Check Policy for the Health Sciences and Nursing programs reads as follows:

“An annual criminal background check and drug screen will be required as clinical affiliates mandate this requirement in affiliation agreements. Unresolved issues presented in the criminal background checks or drug screens will prevent clinical placement resulting in the student’s failure to meet program objectives. In addition to felony convictions (including barrier crimes outlined in the Code of Virginia), students will also be screened for misdemeanor drug and alcohol convictions. An exception is made for a single alcohol related misdemeanor conviction more than seven years ago.

Code of Virginia Barrier Crimes

These are convictions that will automatically prevent employment in jobs involving direct patient care per the Code of Virginia.

It is important to note that the policy stated above is only applicable for admission to the Health Sciences and Nursing programs at the Medical Education Campus of NOVA. Each program has a licensing or certification agency that may require additional background checks or drug screens to obtain licensure. They may also have their own policies for the types of convictions they screen for that may prevent employment.

Potential applicants with criminal convictions or charges that have questions on how this may impact licensure and/or employment in their desired field of study should refer to the appropriate licensing or certification agency for the program.

Drug Screen

The drug screen is a standard 12-panel test conducted by collecting a urine sample. Instructions on where to go to complete the drug screen are provided by the background check company after placing the order. Applicants with legal prescriptions may contact the company to provide the prescription after testing positive for the substance.

Background checks and drug screens are completed through an outside company. They are not required for application to the program. Instructions on how to order the background check and drug screen are provided to students after acceptance.

Students must comply with all clinical requirements that may be mandated by a clinical affiliate. This may include additional background checks or drug screens required by the affiliate.

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Steps to Apply

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Steps to Apply

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Steps to Apply

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