Registration Steps

Your Education and Your Future Matter

Use this simple guide to ensure you're on the right path to graduation.

Before the Semester Starts

1. Review Your Plan

Take this time to review your academic plan and student advisement report. Check that you are on the correct plan and on-time for your anticipated graduation date.

2. Meet with An Advisor

Meet with an advisor to check your course selection and get answers to any questions.

3. Remove Any Holds

Remove any holds that may be preventing you from registering:

  1. This may be a financial hold from the library, parking, tuition or other debt to the college

  2. An academic hold, such as academic probation

  3. Or an advising hold

4. Register for Your Courses

Register for your courses in SIS and purchase any needed materials.

Need Assistance?

  1. If you need assistance in searching and registering for classes, use this enrollment guide.

  2. If you run into issues registering, please follow up with Student Services to get help enrolling.

5. Check Your Financial Aid Status

Check your Financial Aid Status.

6. Check-In with Your Accessibility Advisor

Check-in with your accessibility advisor as needed and get your memorandum of accommodation.

7. Get Your Supplies

Get Your Supplies. Purchase books, lab materials and equipment from the NOVA Bookstore.

8. Make a Plan

Finally, make a plan. Understand what academic and non-academic resources you need to be successful.
This can be child care, transportation, access to food and housing or a healthy work-life balance.

  • If you need financial assistance now is also a great time to check-in with the Financial Stability Office for resources.

    This may include emergency grants, housing assistance, figuring out health insurance options and other social services.

During the Semester

You MUST Do the Following:
  1. Don’t miss any class meetings.

  2. Submit your assignments on time.

  3. Seek help as soon as you start to need it… actually, before you need it. Be proactive.

  4. Check-in with your advisor.

  5. Get that Grade!

  6. Plan ahead.

End of the Semester - What To Do Now?

Rinse and Repeat until Graduation!