Independent Dual Enrollment

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High school students taking NOVA classes online or on campus are designated as independent dual enrollment. Independent DE courses require students to pay tuition and fees and purchase any required textbooks/course materials. Questions regarding independent DE can be directed to

Independent Dual Enrollment Checklist

Step #1 - Discuss

Discuss taking independent dual enrollment courses with a parent/guardian and high school counselor. Review the NOVA Catalog and Schedule of Classesto select course(s). You can also search for a NOVA class in SIS. The admissions process must be completed two weeks prior to the start of class.

Step #2 - Apply to NOVA

The application process is free and must be completed online.Complete your college application here.
After submission, you will receive a 7-digit Student ID number (EMPLID), username and temporary password to set up your myNOVA account.

A Social Security number is not required to be on file; however, failure to provide one may limit or delay access to services where the number is required by federal or state law (ex. tax reporting, receiving financial aid after high school graduation).

Step #3 - Gather Placement Documentation and Verify Eligibility

All high school students must demonstrate college readiness outlined under Dual Enrollment Admission and Placement Criteria. Students must submit a current high school or homeschool transcript with their independent DE request.

Step #4 - Complete Form

A completed DE recommendation form is due each NOVA term and must include all NOVA courses and sections.

Homeschool students must provide a copy of a homeschool agreement approved by the school district, a letter from the local school board, or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring homeschool for religious exemption.

Step #5 - Enrollment Process and Confirmation

High school students may not self-enroll in NOVA courses. If approved, a DE Coordinator will register and confirm the enrollment via email. Be sure to monitor your email and confirm your class schedule in SIS through your myNOVA account.

If not approved or a course section is full, a DE Coordinator will email to provide alternative options, if available.

Step #6 - Pay Your Tuition and Fees and Get Started

Tuition and Fees Payment

Learn about making your tuition payment, payment plans, and payment deadlines for your independent DE classes.

Textbooks and Course Materials

Search for required textbooks/course materials at

Accommodations and Accessibility Services

Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or 504 plans must apply for a Memorandum of Accommodations (MOA) at the college. Any approved accommodations for the NOVA course/grade must be on record at the college.


Once enrolled, you may go to the nearest campus to obtain a NOVACard.

Canvas Access/Classroom Location

Your course will open in Canvas on or a few days before your course start date.

  1. Check your schedule for your course start date and class location in SIS through MyNOVA.
  2. On your course start date, log in to your myNOVA account, and click on the Canvas tile.
  3. Review Canvas student tutorials before getting started.
  4. Check your student Gmail account to receive updates from your course instructor and NOVA.

Enrollment Deadlines (Drop/Withdraw)

Even though the Office of Dual Enrollment enrolled you in the course, you are responsible to drop or withdraw from the course.

Degree Planning

View the Academic Catalog to plan your degree or certificate pathway at NOVA. You can work with an Independent DE Coordinator to add the academic plan to your account to track your progress by completing e-form 125-345.

Step #7 - Attend Student Orientation

Join us for a virtual, DE student orientation to learn about accessing your myNOVA account, understanding course deadlines, making tuition payments, purchasing textbooks/course materials, and student support resources.

Fall Term Independent DE Orientation

Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

View the Orientation Slides and Recording.