Fall 2024

Partners in Your Success

NOVA has six campuses, one center and dozens of off-campus locations for your convenience. You can choose class times from early morning to late in the evening; seven days a week; full semester or a shorter, more condensed time frame. For maximum flexibility, choose online classes through NOVA Online.

Courses are offered in a variety of ways to suit your schedule and learning style—in the classroom, online or through a combination of methods. Whatever your preference, we hope you find what you need.

Search for a Class

  • Open registration for all students begins April 8.
  • Academic Advising Week is held April 8-12
  • 15-week classes and first 7-week classes begin August 26.
  • 13-week classes begin September 9.
  • Second 7-week classes begin October 23.
  • Dynamic session classes start and end at any time before or after the regular session dates above.

Workforce and Continuing Education Courses

For those interested in short-term professional and continuing education courses outside of our credit programs, registration is continuous throughout the semester and remains open until the course maximum is reached. Please contact the NOVA Workforce office for more information.

Explore Continuing Education