Inspiring the Future of STEM

Providing opportunities to explore and refine technical skills and developing soft skills are key components of preparing students for careers in STEM. Research shows that students who participate in STEM competitions, like VEX Robotics, are more likely to pursue a STEM degree. Students who engage in robotics are introduced to engineering and computer science and demonstrate teamwork, collaboration, creativity in problem-solving, communication, critical-thinking skills, and time management.

VEX Robotics is integrated into many of the school divisions through Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Scouts, and Technology Student Association (TSA), making it an excellent platform to get students started in STEM so that they are prepared beyond our camps and competitions. Robotics is an all-encompassing gateway to future STEM programs, degrees, and careers.

Community VEX Robotics Support

We support school divisions and community organizations that engage in VEX Robotics through Fab Lab programs, trailer rentals, and supporting signature robotics events such as the Virginia VEX State Championship.

We rent competition trailers: two 16ft VRC trailers and one 14ft VIQC trailer that are equipped to run a small to medium event. STEM Interns are available as optional extras to set up, run, and pack equipment. 

For questions and more information contact Aleksander Marthinussen at

We support the Virginia VEX Robotics State Championship, the culminating event in the Commonwealth that celebrates the hard work of students and mentors who have competed to qualify throughout the robotics competition season (November through February). States invite 140 of the best teams to compete for a chance to represent Virginia at the VEX World Championship in April. This is a great opportunity to reach students who are passionate about STEM!  

There are two VEX platforms at States, VIQC (plastic-based robots, elementary & middle school divisions) and VRC (metal-based robots, middle and high).