Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Calendar


4 Week Term

15 Week Term

1st 7 Week Term

13 Week Term

2nd 7 Week Term

Open Registration Begins (All Students)

October 23

October 23

October 23

October 23

October 23

Academic Advising Week for Spring 2024

October 23-27

October 23-27

October 23-27 October 23-27 October 23-27

Last Day for Students to Add Their Names to Class Wait-lists

December 5

January 3

January 3

January 17

March 6

Classes Begin

December 18

January 16

January 16

January 30

March 19

Students May Add or Drop Courses Through NOVAConnect

December 18-19

January 16-22

January 16-18

January 30-Februay 4

March 19-21

Last day to drop with a tuition refund or change to audit (census date)**

December 21

February 1

January 23

February 13

March 26

Last day to withdraw without grade penalty***

January 2

March 23

February 14

March 28

April 17

Last Day of Final Exams 
Final Exam Schedule

January 12

May 6

March 4

May 6

May 6

NOVA Online Sessions

Important Dates

Academic Advising Week in preparation for the for Spring 2024 semester

October 23-27

College reopens.

January 2

Tuition payment deadline if you register by January 2. If you register January 3 or after, your tuition payment is due the next day.

January 3

Buy books and supplies at the bookstore with
excess financial aid

January 2 - March 26

Financial aid adjustments begin. Classes added on or after this date for the current term will not increase student eligibility for financial aid grants. Aid may be reduced for students enrolled in less than 12 eligible
credits. Information on financial aid awards, disbursements and refunds is available here

February 2

Parking enforcement on Student and Hourly Parking Lots begins at 6:00 a.m. Students are not required to display a permit while parked in a student and hourly parking lot after 3:45 p.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends.

February 2

Last day to apply for Graduation*

March 1

Spring 2024 Breaks & Holidays

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday observed for students, faculty and staff. College offices closed.

January 15

Spring Break

March 11 - 17

* Earlier application is highly recommended.

** To find the last day to drop with tuition refund (census date) for a variable duration (dynamic) course, go to schedule of class, search for the course, then click on the class number.

*** Withdrawals after this date require documentation of mitigating circumstances and permission of the instructor and the academic dean. Please check NOVAConnect for start dates and census dates for variable duration (dynamic) sessions.