Threat Assessment Team

Chair of Threat Assessment Team: Provides leadership to the Threat Assessment Team, guides case discussion and communicates consistently with NOVA officials about the threat assessment process. In addition, assists in managing cases, creating and updating relevant college policies, and offers training opportunities to college groups.

NOVA Police Representative: Provides advice and assistance from a law enforcement perspective and advises the team what the police can and cannot do in any given situation. Manages the investigative units and serves as the primary case agent for threat assessment cases that involve potentially criminal behavior. Where appropriate, the NOVA Police Representative will also provide security in situations of violence, including emergency notifications, and contribute his/her expertise to the risk assessment process. This position allows for centralized fact gathering and consistent communication with members of the NOVA community involving potential criminal behavior.

Director of The Office of Wellness and Mental Health: Serve as the College's compliance officer for all federal and state requirements regarding threat assessment, identification, and response to students with concerning behavior,

The Office of Wellness and Mental Health Case Manager: Advises the team on all relevant psychological and behavioral signs, symptoms, and risk factors for actual or potential violence. Also assists in threat assessment investigations and deliberations, and interpreting psychological assessments conducted by outside providers. The Case Manager does not provide psychological counseling or medical evaluation but may provide the team with a clinical perspective in determining a course of action.

Administrative Representative: Provides support to the Threat Assessment Team by recording case information, organizing team meetings and training, managing case data, and providing outreach presentations. The administrative representative also works toward addressing gaps in processes and creating ways for the threat assessment process to run more efficiently.

Human Resources Representative: This role or designee’s role is to keep the threat assessment team cognizant and compliant with Virginia labor policies and procedures and employee-related legal issues; to investigate relevant employment history and to ensure that disciplinary and other recommended actions are handled appropriately. Also, this role ensures that employees are offered the services they may need. This role is important to the team because Human Resources can interact with employees and supervisors and assist in facilitating solutions for issues that may arise.

Title IX Representative: Provides insight on cases from the Title IX perspective. Title IX is a federal regulation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs or activities, admission, and employment.

Classified Staff Representative: Provides insights on cases from a college-wide perspective.

VCCS Legal Representative: The Representative ensures that team decisions fall within legal guidelines, offers a broad perspective on cases, and considers the wider implications of possible decisions, providing consultation when necessary.

If you feel that an imminent threat exists, dial 911. For concerns that do not require an immediate Police response, submit an incident report.